DongDu International (DDI) was established in 1989. As a large diversified investment group., DDI has always committed to be the first global exquisite life service supplier to provide necessities of life for customers all over the world. Headquartered in Shanghai, there are five core segments under DDI which are respectively China Real Estate Development, International Investment & Development, DDI Leisure, High-Tech Business and PE & Financing. DDI has fully owned subsidiaries and joint ventures in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, US and Canada.

Based on experience of over two decades, with the vision of “Dream Living Living Dreams”, DDI has became the leader in China housing culture for the young generation. DDI China Real Estate Development covers diversified fields of Residence, Comprehensive Business Center and Industry Real Estate with business operated in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong. So far DDI has successfully launched various series of international young generation products of City Young Executive Series, Elysees Series, iHouse Series, Blue & White Mansion and Shanghai Jiating Center based on the individual and personalized needs for young generation from different level and period. DDI keeps working on helping the modern young people to achieve their dream of self-enhancement by improving their living condition.

DDI set up a subsidiary in California in 2004 and purchased several properties and property management companies in US and Canada successively. What is more, DDI has signed Memorandum of Understanding respectively with Nova Scotia Business Incorporated and Great Halifax Partnership in Canada formalizing intentions to carry out a multi-phased plan of investment and development in Halifax and other areas of Nova Scotia. With international business developed, DDI is achieving the global strategic layout plan step by step with the goal of becoming the world-class Investment Management Group.

In 2013, DDI built up the fist top private family-centered club in Shanghai which aimed at providing elite families with comprehensive and private activities. Shanghai Jiating Center management team comes from around the world. Their rich international club management experience and extensive global background are the solid base for Club’s operation. Shanghai Jiating Center is the very first one in DDI’s global club development strategy. DDI plans to have the “Customized Elite Family Lifestyle” concept rooted in China, US and Canada with the development speed of 10 clubs in every 3 years.

DDI has set social responsibility as its core corporate value. It has also been very active in making donations to charitable organizations and schools, caring for the less privileged in the society and bringing more social harmony to China.


Dream Living, Living Dreams.


Combine people with the Culture ,

Serve life with the Technology ,

Globalize with International insights


Corporate Vision: Be the International Exquisite Lifestyle Provider


Brand Mission: Initiating, Providing and Leading an International Exquisite Lifestyle


Innovation, Excellence, Exquisite, Service

Innovation- Be pioneering and keep advancing with the times, constantly improve the core competetiveness and strive to be an excellent enterprise of the era.

Excellence- Team Value is elevated from integrity ,responsibility to excellence; Ensure the delivery of a transformation of great to excelence to the International Exquisite Lifestyle.

Exquisite- Exquisite products provide comfort and convenience with sincerity and care.

Service- Be Customer-oriented and provide high-quality service.


In 2018,DDI Group finalized the “One Body , Two Wings” Strategy ( Main Body:Club Industry, Two Wings:Real Estate, Finance ). Club business as a the brand leader, by the support of real state business and finance, aims to drive DDI onto the internationalization journey at a full speed.

At Leisure time

Dong DU International Group was founded in 1989 with its headquarter in Shanghai, China, currently owning wholly-owned and joint-venture subsidiaries in Mainland China- Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi,

Annual Meeting

Dong DU International Group was founded in 1989 with its headquarter in Shanghai, China, currently owning wholly-owned and joint-venture subsidiaries in Mainland China- Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi,


Dong DU International Group was founded in 1989 with its headquarter in Shanghai, China, currently owning wholly-owned and joint-venture subsidiaries in Mainland China- Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi,

With the human resource concept of “people-oriented and create value”, DDI ascends its talents cultivation and development to a strategic height. DDI has the resources integrated by summarizing 20 years’ experience and established DDI University. As a main internal platform for training, DDI University devotes itself to the construction of sustained learning environment, cultivation of talents with competitive edge as well as promotion of DDI’s operational target and strategy. A win-win result will be obtained in DDI team internally, DDI and Real Estate Industry, DDI and the society.


Help DDI to achieve the vision of “Dream Living Living Dreams.” as well as cultivate talents for this industry and society.


Develop high-quality and high-performance talents for DDI and the society through systematic and persistent training. It will also improve DDI’s organizing ability as well as promote its strategic goal to be achieved.

University Organization Chart:

Chairman Li is the president of DDI University, the operation of university is in the charge of HRM to ensure it closely tights with DDI strategic human resource management.

Corporate Social Responsibility

“An enterprise should bear its own social responsibility as a social citizen itself at the first place. Then it comes to its profit responsibility as a business unit” which is often said by Chairman Li. As a result, DDI highly values its corporate social responsibility which will be discussed at monthly, half-year and annual business analysis meetings. DDI not only makes relevant rules and regulations but also takes an active part in many charity activities.

  • 2018

    DDI joined hands with SEE to have assist the Thousand Finless Porpoise Keepers Program and made concerted efforts with 249 internet users to donate 60,223.62 yuan for the finless porpoise baby

    DDI was invited to participate in the donation ceremony of the “Chunhui” special fund, which has been supported by DDI for consecutive 4 years.

    DDI Zhejiang Regional Company sponsared the 2018 Jiulong lake(ningbo) international half marathon.

  • 2017

    DDI actively participated in the “Real Estate Industry Green Supply Chain Action” and positively responded to the national call of “Green, Environmental Protection, and Low Carbon”.

    DDI participated in the CEIBS MBA Opening Ceremony and Dishuiquan Loan Project Prize-Awarding Ceremony and donated.

    DDI and its staff assisted SEE Conservation in the program “One Hundred Million Suosuo”

    DDI Property Management was awarded the tile “Excellent Service Project for Party Building” by Hongkou District because of its caring for the elderly.

    DDI Real estate group Shanghai Company participated in the charity event “Love Under Blue Sky” initiated by Shanghai Charity Foundation.

    DDI Enjoy City participated in the charity activity “Zhireng Public Welfare• Clothes Donating”.

  • 2016

    DDI organized clothes donation called "Dongdu Brings Warmth to Guizhou", with over 300 pieces of winter clothes having been collected and delivered to people in need in Guizhou.


    DDI continues to support the study of more than 200 students near Caoyang Community in Putuo District.


    DDI advocates environmental protection ,Chairman Li Hailin took part in drinking water safety project of Alxa SEE Ecological Association.

    DDI supports and takes part in Ai You Charity Foundation, donated one million RMB to children with congenital heart disease, autism and leukemia.


    DDI supports the development of China Europe International Business School and set up a Special Fund of “DDI – Shanghai STCC Center – CEIBS Scholarship”,DDI will keep donating scholarships for ten years to 2023, total amount will up to 3 million.

    DDI supports the development of East China Normal University and set up Legal Education Fund, keep donating for 5 years to 2019, total amount will up to 5 million.

    DDI supports the development of One Foundation which is a charity foundation and takes part in “For the Love” assistance activity.

    DDI supports Ala Charity and takes part in helping the students.

  • 2012

    DDI Chairman Li Hailin took part in the second China-Central and European Countries Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, Chinese and Hungarian Entrepreneurs Meeting and relevant economic and trade activities with Premier Wen Jiabao and Vice Premier Li Keqiang.

    Joined Ai You Foundation and takes an active part in relevant charity activities.

    DDI takes an active part in “Love under the Blue Sky” which is a series charity activities organized by Shanghai Government.

    DDI pay high attention to energy conservation and emission reduction. All the projects under construction have got certificate from The Us Green Building Council.

  • 2011

    DDI joined China Urban Realty Association to make contribution to the industry.

  • 2010

    DDI takes part in donating to poverty students from Tongji University together with other 15 enterprises which is lead by Shanghai Real Estate Chamber of Commerce.

  • 2008

    DDI donates RMB500,000 yuan and materials to Sichuan earthquake stricken area.

    Since 2008, there are items donated by senior manager from company which will be auctioned in the annual meeting and the money will be used in helping and supporting the poor.

  • 2006

    Since 2006, DDI employees take an active part in community volunteer activities such as blood donation, volunteer traffic officer and help elderly people.

    Since 2006, DDI employees take an active part in different community cultural and sports activities as well as within the company.

  • 2003

    Since 2003, DDI donates books and school supplies each year to more than 200 students in Gansu Province, Shanxi Province and Shanghai Putuo district.

  • 2018

    STCC won the “Excellent Achievement Award” of “The Club”

    STCC won “the Best Club” of “CHANCE”

    RC was awarded “the Best Club Management Partner of 2018”

    STCC won the “Pioneer Project” of the 4th China Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit 2018

    Two projects of DDI Real Estate—Changfeng TCC (DDI Corporate Center) and DDI Le China won “2018 Shanghai Excellent Demonstration Project for Real Estate Management”

    DDI Real Estate ranked the 69th of China’s Top 100 Property Service Enterprise Comprehensive Strength

    Dongdu International Group has won the honorary title of “Shanghai Civilized Unit” for consecutive 16 years since 2003.

    Dongdu Property Management Corporate has won its 4th honorary title of “Excellent Member Unit of Shanghai Property Management Industry Association” consecutively.

    Shanghai Town and Country Club won the “China Hotel Awards-Best Club”of CHA China Hotel Awards.

    Shanghai Town and Country Club has been recognized with a brand value of 1.366 billion yuan in the evaluation of domestic authoritative brands.

  • 2017

    DDI ranks No.189 on the list of China Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises in 2017

    DDI ranked the 39th in 2017 Shanghai Top 50 Real Estate Development Enterprises

    DDI won “Two-star Integrity Business” of Shanghai

    American Express awarded Shanghai Town & Country Club (STTC) with the honor “Best Private Club”

    DDI Property Management continued to be awarded the honorary title “Excellent Member Unit of Shanghai Property Management Association”.

    DDI Property Management ranked in “2017 Chinese Community Service Provider Top 100”

    DDI won “CSCF2017 China Shopping Centers Excellent Enterprise Award” and “China Shopping Centers Project Innovation Award”

    DDI WOW City won the award “New Landmark for Urban Business in China”.

    DDI Enjoy City was awarded the “Planning Award for Architecture” and “Design Award for House Type” by Shanghai Real Estate Trade Association

    DDI Enjoy City won 16/17 APDC “Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elite”

  • 2016

    Dongdu Enjoy City Wins the “Most Anticipated Real Estate Award”, “ShanghaiMost Anticipated Housing Project 2016” and “ChinaMost Attractively ValuedProject Award 2016”.

    Dongdu Frog City Captures “TOP10 Most Expected Shopping Center”, “Mall China Commercial Planning Innovation Award” and “Mall China Urban Development AdvancementAward”.

    DongDu Enjoy City has won the title of "20th Anniversary of Shopping Center --- Top 10 Most Anticipated Shopping Centers", "the Most Anticipated Real Estate Award" as the Oscar award in the real estate trade and "2016 China’s Most Investable Project Award " in the Bo'ao Real Estate Forum.

    DDI ranks No.38 in the list of Shanghai Top 50 Real Estate Development Enterprises in 2016

    DDI ranks No.180 in the list of China Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises in 2016

  • 2015

    DDI earns the title of “Shanghai integrity and creative enterprise”

    DDI earns the title of China Public welfare award- Collective Award

    DDI is one of Shanghai Top 50 Real Estate哦 Development Enterprises from 2013 to

  • 2014

    DDI earns the title of advanced enterprise from 2013 to 2014

    Shanghai Town & Country Club earns the title of “2015 China Excellent family community” in the eighth China brand and Media Summit Forum

    DongDu Property Management earns the fifth unit of the council unit in Shanghai property management industry association, and was awarded excellent member unit.

    ChangFeng Town & Country International project earns the title of “Credit & Commitment AA enterprise” from Shanghai property management industry association.

    Corporate Innovation Award, Corporate Charity Award, Corporate Mutual Help Award, Corporate Education Assistance Award from Shanghai Real Estate Chamber of Commerce

    Honorary Title of 2011 – 2013 “Demonstration Unit of Harmonious Labor Relations in Shanghai”

  • 2013

    Top 50 Real Estate Development Company in Shanghai

    “2011 – 2012 Shanghai Civilization Unit”

    Honorary Title of “2012 Caoyang Community Harmonious Enterprise”

    “Jin Zhou” Award from Shanghai Real Estate Chamber of Commerce

    Dongdu Property Management won the Title of “Class A Integrity Enterprise”

  • 2012

    Top 100 China’s Real Estate developer

    Top 10 China’s Fast-growing Real Estate Developer

    “Blue & White Mansion” Project was awarded “Best cultural impetus” of China Real Estate Value List

  • 2011

    Top 50 Shanghai Real Estate Developer (2009-2010)

    Shanghai Best Civilization Unit (2009-2010)

    Second Prize of PutuoEconomic Contribution Award in 2010

    “Blue & White Mansion” Project was awarded Golden Prize of Architecture Planning and Design of China’s Cultural Residence

  • 2008

    Chinese Real Estate Enterprise Brand Attracting Global Attention

    Top 20 China’s Real Estate Developer in the past 20 years

  • 2007

    Top 10 Best Employer in Real Estate Industry

    Top 50 Shanghai Real Estate Developer

  • 2006

    Shanghai Best Civilization Unit

    Excellent Enterprise Citizen in China’s Real Estate Industry

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