72 Reciprocal Clubs- The Surging Value of STCC Membership

Apr,24 2018

    We have expanded our global reciprocal club networks to further improve the benefits enjoyed by STCC members and ensure that our members are accessible to premium club facilities and services of the highest international standards in any country or region in the world. The number of our global reciprocal clubs has increased to 72 so far, covering various countries and regions such as North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.    


Among these reciprocal clubs are four recently contracted Capital Clubs, which are the members of Signature Clubs International (SCI) Group, a group invested by ENSHAA (a UAE company engaged in large property development and hospitality services) and focusing on the development and management of the high-end private club brand - Capital Club. The clubs apply a membership invitation system, under which all invitees should obtain the approval from the board of directors before they get enrolled. The first Capital Club Dubai under SCI is located at the 52th floor of Dubai International Financial Centre and has had over 1,500 premium members since its incorporation ten years ago. In addition to its advantageous geographic environment, every Capital Club integrated the local cultural characteristics in both its design and the services rendered, so that the members will feel at home, no matter in business negotiations or fitness and entertainment activities. Capital Clubs are praised as the one of the ten most renowned private clubs in the world by CNN TRAVEL.

At present, STCC has established reciprocal cooperation relationship with four top Capital Clubs located in Dubai, Bahrain, Nairobi and Lagos. We believe that through our continuous efforts, we will enter into reciprocal cooperation relationship with more world top clubs and expand the global coverage of our clubs in the near future.