DDI• Royal Enjoy: Salute to 2018 with Glorious Achievement

Mar,01 2018


      As is known to all that it is important to win the market, the glorious achievement Royal Enjoy Project had got not only earned great response for DDI in Ningbo market, but also won public praise in Ningbo and in the industry. The success should be attributed to the teamwork of Zhejiang Ningbo Company and its staff, who are formidable warriors and team up to form cohesive elite teams. After countless days and nights of hard work, they harvested the moment of pride.

     On January 16th, 2018, the first batch of 97-128m2 hardbound residences of DDI• Royal Enjoy was launched. By February 8th, the selling rate had reached 100% while the receivable indicators had finished 135%. DDI• Royal Enjoy then announced that the first batch of residence had been sold out. It only took DDI Zhejiang Ningbo Company three weeks to get the glorious sales achievement and win success in the first battle.

Take precautions: one step ahead can assure to take the lead every step


      Speed is too important in war so one step ahead can assure to take the lead every step. 

     It is worth mentioning that the openness of sales office and the standardized brand promotion of the hardbound prototype room of Ningbo DDI• Royal Enjoy had become the industry benchmark in Zhenhai District. In accordance with the sales planning and on basis of profound understanding of the project products, the promotion and propaganda plan focused on the core selling point of the project to build the high-end residence image and promote the sense of quality of the whole project, thus enlarging and delivering the external project value chain and internal product value chain to the target customers. Meanwhile, in the process of transmission, each opportunity was caught to carry out brand promotion activities, including successive use of wall advertising, single page, WeChat and other communication carriers., thus getting the glorious sales achievement and taking the lead in the market.

   God rewards the diligent: no pains no gains

   On January 16th, many customers arrived in advance before the sales office was open and waited for the debut of the residence. At 19:28 p.m., the opening ceremony was officially begun. There were too many people and all seats were occupied. Thirty minutes after the opening ceremony, all houses were sold out, which was unprecedented in Zhenhai District!

   The success of the opening ceremony is not the terminal point but a better starting point. In 2018, with the glory and the dream as well as the challenge and opportunity, DDI Zhejiang Ningbo Company will stand at the new starting point and continue to be more active in work. We will join hands and make concerted effort to move towards higher and further goals, and try hard to achieve new glory and splendidness.