DDI and GOKURAKUYU Held Grand Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Mar,01 2018

   At 10:00 a.m. On February 8th, the grand DDI and GOKURAKUYU Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony& Shanghai Qingpu Enjoy City Hot Spring Project Signing Ceremony was held at DDI STCC (Shanghai Town& Country Club). The vice president of DDI and CEO of Club Management Company Mr. JIANG Dawei, the vice president of Real Estate Group Ms. YU Han, the general manager of Hot Spring Club Mr. GAN Rong, the development director Mr. YAN Jun and the president of GOKURAKUYU Mr. Nikawa Takatomo, the general manager of GOKURAKUYU Mr. CUI Minghao, the development director Mr. ZHOU Junwei and the general manager assistant Mr. QU Bo were invited to attend the signing ceremony.

   Mr. JIANG Dawei said in his speech that “GOKURAKUYU” was the hot spring club operator who owned the most chain clubs and the only listed company engaging in hot spring club in Japan. It had more than 40 clubs in Japan and five clubs in China; DDI entrusted GOKURAKUYU to manage its project, which would help to further study and draw on GOKURAKUYU’s advanced management and operation experience. DDI Club Division was also actively working with the world’s leading management companies, such as HIS and more than 50 reciprocal clubs around the world, which was a good starting for DDI to be the leader of international middle-class lifestyle. DDI will fully support the construction and development of Qingpu GOKURAKUYU and strive to create it into the most characteristic hot spring club in Qingpu District and even in Shanghai.

   Mr. Nikawa Takatomo said in his speech that “GOKURAKUYU has been adhering to the concept of creating “Hot Spring Relaxing Space” and “Women Gathering Space”. Ten years ago, we began to study the Chinese market and actively participated in the development. At present, we have five clubs in China and plan to open another three clubs in China this year. In the coming ten years, we will develop about 100 projects in China. Our discussion on cooperation with DDI has lasted for more than one year and we firmly believe that Qingpu GOKURAKUYU will be the new benchmark for hot springs in Shanghai. On basis of the original concepts, we will highlight the creation of atmosphere for family gathering and youth party. The area of Qingpu GOKURAKUYU covers about 7,000 square meters, including characteristic Japanese hot spring basin bath, lopolith bath, steam room, as well as outdoor family hot spring bathing experience.”

   Witnessed by over 30 guests, Mr. GAN Rong and Mr. Nikawa Takatomo signed the cooperative agreement for the hot spring project while Ms. YU Han and Mr. CUI Minghao signed the cooperative agreement for commercial cooperation.