DDI Japan Successfully Acquired the Third Project in Tokyo——“VORT Ginza DDI”

Jan,05 2018

On December 22, DDI Japan and Japan VORTEX Company have jointly acquired the “Collier Ginza” Project. This project is the third project DDI Japan has acquired after the acquisition of Ebisu and Heiwa-cho projects, and by this time, DDI Japan has only been founded for ten months.

· VORT Ginza DDI

The project is located at the core area of Ginza Business District in Tokyo and its total acquisition price is about RMB 220 million yuan. There are two metro lines around the project so that the transportation is very convenient, only two minutes’ walk from Ginza-itchōme Metro Station so people can walk to the department stores in the Ginza Business District directly. The project covers a total construction area of 1079 m2 with 9 floors above the ground and 1 basement. The building density is 80% and the floor area ratio is 8. After the acquisition, DDI Japan will establish its headquarters at the 7F of the project. Then DDI Japan will rename the project as “VORT Ginza DDI” and set a nameplate at an eye-catching location of the building. After the project is renamed, DDI will become the third Chinese enterprise that has set large nameplate in Ginza Business District after Haier and Suning.

VORT Ginza DDIProject Location Map

VORT Ginza DDIEffect Picture After the Renaming

· About DDI Japan

DDI Japan is the DDI Group’s first official overseas subsidiary. It was registered in February 2017 with the office location in Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku in Tokyo, adjacent to Tokyo Station and near to Ginza Business District. After the acquisition of VORT Ginza DDI project, DDI Japan will establish the office location for its headquarters at the 7F of the project. Since its establishment, with Japan VORTEX Company, DDI Japan has co-invested in and jointly acquired three projects in Tokyo——Ebisu, Heiwa-cho and Ginza. DDI Japan is exploring the mode of raising capitals by fund and is increasing its investment in residential projects to make its asset size bigger and accelerate DDI’s global business process.