DDI’s First Overseas Club Granite Springs Celebrates 26th Anniversary and Hits a Record in Daily Visitors

Jul,06 2017

        July 3, 2017 (Canadian local time) witnessed the 26th anniversary of Granite Springs Golf Club, DDI’s first overseas club in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 253 members and distinguished guests gathered in this well-prepared annual celebration, breaking a record in daily visitors since its establishment. The club’s General Manager Mr. David Perry , GM Assistant Mr. Wang Cong and other managerial members all attended the ceremony to celebrate the special moment together.


        This year is also the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada. The National Day Holidays last from July 1 to July 3, By means of this occasion and holiday environments, the local team elaborately prepared a series of celebrations for all members, with the 26th anniversary celebration as the climax.

        Guests arrived at the club one after another after 7 am and played golf after signing up. The green fees are only C$26 that day. A cake-cutting ceremony was held at noon and all guests attended the special lucky draw of the anniversary. Guests arrived at different time, enjoying the anniversary cake and recommended delicacies. These celebration activities were well-received by members and other guests.

      Granite Springs Golf ClubGSGCwas established in 1991 and located in the beautiful Bayside adjoining Shad Bay. The club is of easy access with only 30 minutes’ drive from the downtown of Halifax. At the end of 2016, DDI, as a big multiple investment group from Shanghai, acquired the club and let its subsidiary management team to operate separately. The club has a standard 18-hole 72 par golf course. The golf driving range perched at a good position, overlooking the bay and enjoying the best landscape. This is a unique feature of the club. 


     On that day, the top management of the club walked inside the golf course and club, and made in-depth communications with guests present, in order to learn about their ideas and suggestions and offer refined and customized services. Participants included those old members with over 20 years’ memberships, the returned customers who seldom played in the club for almost 2 years, as well as new friends experiencing here for the first time. They all spoke highly of DDI and the management team of the club, especially due to the obvious improvement of the golf course quality and services within three months after the acquisition. They hope more golf fanciers could join the club. More significantly,  Linda& Peppys, the founding members of the club (the first member of the club when it was established in 1991) also came to the celebrations. 


        Granite Springs Golf Club, the first overseas club acquired and independently run by DDI, marks an important step forward of DDI towards its globalization target. The opening of the club this year also showed DDI’s commitment to be the world leading provider of life service for the middle class. In the future, DDI will seek opportunities for cooperation with more world-renowned clubs and club teams. Relying on its rich experience in property development, project investment and club operation, it will continuously integrate resources and formulate brand new industry standards of clubs, in order to provide high-quality services for increasing number of people from the middle class in favour of international ways of life.