DDI won “CSCF2017 China Shopping Centers Excellent Enterprise Award” and “China Shopping Centers Project Innovation Award”

May,26 2017

       On May 23rd, 2017, DDI, upon the invitation of Shanghai Council of Shopping Centers, participated in “The 6th China Shopping Centers Forum & 2017 Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan Shopping Centers Summit” and won two awards: DDI won “CSCF2017 China Shopping Centers Excellent Enterprise Award”, the Wow City of DDI won “China Shopping Centers Project Innovation Award”.

        It was different this time that DDI was not only the participant, but also was invited as the "strategic partner" of the Forum. At the "China Shopping Centers Development Forum” on May 24th, DDI was invited to make a speech on the theme of "the Shopping Center in the Park". The speech was started with the question "why DDI opens the shopping center in the park?”. With the public interest, NI Min, General Manager of Business Management Department took everyone into the expected "Wizard of Oz" - the real time-type consumption park, theater-style theme park DDI Wow City. The blueprint of the Wow City was presented one by one in her description: The Wow City is not only a park with small landscape and small business design, but a theme park to meet consumers' demands. She took the Tokyo Disneyland as the example. The Tokyo Disneyland is the most popular park which makes profits in the shortest time in the world because it focuses on a number of initiatives such as sustained independent research and development, sustained investment, sustained increase of value-added services in the park to leave every visitor with deep impression. The process that integrates innovation into the local cultural IP, brings consumption sticky MD and provides value-added services not only successfully sells the goods, but also produces a kind of happy atmosphere and culture, which is just the direction of the Wow City: The Wow City will create story-type business through the theme image of the tailored raspberry frog made by the famous Japanese cartoonist, to make the consumers immerse in the scene with the raspberry frogs and to combine culture with business by combining the cultural and creative products of raspberry frog with the organic combination of new industries such as the Gokurakuyu., robot hotel, Shanghai Jiating Club, Shanghai Film Corporation (SFC), etc., which makes the story interact with the scene, deepens the brand image, optimizes the consumer experience and makes Wow City stand out in Qingpu. At present, Qingpu is gradually highlighting its advantages in historical context, ecological quality, traffic and consumption capacity, and the development of the Wow City will be upgraded through the regional planning advantage of Qingpu, the west gate.

        The three-day Summit, with the theme of "sedimentation, integration and sustainability", was jointly organized by Shanghai Council of Shopping Centers, Hong Kong Shopping Centers Management Association and Taiwan Council of Shopping Centers. Based on the previous friendly interactions between the Council and DDI as well as the attention effect harvested on the scene, the organizers initiatively invited DDI to participate in the Forum as a strategic partner and make a speech. This time, DDI stands out from the many industry counterparts and is favored by the organizers, which not only directly facilitates Wow City to expand its exchange and cooperation and promotes DDI to establish the brand influence in the industry, but also more fully explains that the previous promotion has been concerned and recognized by the organizers who represented the credibility of the industry and by the industry colleagues, which has laid the foundation for the further enhancement of DDI brand and the sustained development of the project.