The First DDI Overseas Club Was Put into Operation and Numerous Members Gathered in the Welcome Party

Apr,28 2017

The first overseas club of DDI, i.e. Granite Springs Golf Club, located at Halifax of Nova Scotia, Canada celebrated the formal opening of its course for 2017 at 6:00 P.M. on the19th day of this April. Nearly 60 members participated in the welcome party specially prepared by the club team. Mr. David Perry, GM of the Club, Mr. WANG Cong, Assistant GM of the Club and other executives were present to welcome the members. The club members and the club team met again after a long separation and greeted each other like a family in a lively atmosphere. 




Lots of drinks and snacks were served by the club team to welcome the members and the JD Shore Canadian rums with unique local features were also provided, so the members could have a taste of the local wines with different flavors. The members got to the party and greeted with each other warmly. Then, the GM Mr. David Perry delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the Club and made an introduction of his team. He represented all the club staff to welcome all the members and show gratitude to their consistent support. The Club was put into official operation from April 21st, 2017 and by far nearly 60 members have reserved the Tee Time of the first day. David also expressed that this was the first year for DDI to run the club and the Club would put each member’s demands on the top of its priority list, take advices widely from members, make a timely introduction of DDI’s development vision and planning, and make everyone feel the progress of the Club in the new year and experience the fantastic moments created by DDI through the sustainable operation and the thoughtful superior services of the Club. 



After the welcome ceremony, the management of the Club held in-depth talks with the members in order to grasp their firsthand opinions and advice, so as to guarantee an elaborate and customized service for each member and ensure that everyone can enjoy everything here. Some of the members were the loyal ones who had a 15-year or longer membership. The presenting members expressed that they were confident in DDI, and especially when they heard that DDI’s acquisition of the lands around the Club and DDI’s development vision, they looked forward to a better future of both the Club and local development. More significantly, the first member of the Club since its foundation, Mr. Petty and his wife were also present and they spoke highly of management team of the Club and expected more golf fans to join the club this year. 


Granite Springs Golf Club is the first overseas club acquired and operated independently by DDI. It signifies that DDI has made a significant step towards the goal of globalization in term of club development. The formal opening of the club this year also indicates that DDI is very confident in becoming the leading provider of life services for the middle class all round the world. 




DDI has never stopped its steps in strategic globalization layout in recent years. Since the launch of its overseas strategic plan, DDI has acquired lots of projects in Hong Kong, Canada and the United States, and DDI Japan was set up in December 2016. While becoming the advocator of cosmopolitan lifestyle for Chinese middle class, DDI makes an utmost effort to march into the global market. DDI’s overseas strategic layout won’t stop in markets of North America or Japan. DDI will actively seek for more global renowned clubs and club management teams and integrate resources ceaselessly in order to formulate the new industrial standard for clubs based on its rich experiences in real estate development, project investment and club operation, so as to provide more superior services for more middle-class people who choose the cosmopolitan lifestyle.