DDI WOW City Participated in the 8th China Fair of Commercial Brands to Talk about "How to Play" instead of Traditional Promotion and Drew lots of Attentions

Apr,28 2017

During April 20th to 22nd 2017, the 8th China Fair of Commercial Brands, organized by China Council of Shopping Centers (hereinafter referred to as “CCSC”), was held in New Beacon Luguang International Hotel of Wuhan. The Fair is committed to helping shopping malls and retailers tackle the challenges they encounter during their development, facilitating and achieving the expansion of investments. About 500 commercial estates and brands including TAROKO SPORTS, TIDE, floatessence, Music88.7, and Carrefour, have participated in the fair. 


       At the 8th China Fair of Commercial Brand, in the key step on the first day of the formal conference on April 21st, Ms. NI Min, GM of Business Management Department of DDI made an introduction starting from the new thoughts about DDI WOW City Human Resources and focused on the positioning of WOW City project, spatial design, the MD commercial plan with fire-new commercial, tourist and cultural features, the “club+” and other core concepts. 



       It is learnt that nearly 40 large-scale commercial complex projects will be launched within 2 years. “White-hot” and “surge” are not an exaggeration to describe the phenomenon, so how does WOW City stand out by dint of its own edges? Before the question was raised, Ms. NI came straight to the point by making a foreseeable introduction and the guests’ question was answered. “We’re so confident because we use the WOW City project, one of our prospective projects, to make the public know that DDI has got what you want and we get it done, and we’re also capable of doing beyond your expectation --- DDI is clear about the market demands in the coming 10 and even 20 years and we know how to usher the market and satisfy the demands of customers. Our projects are featured by prospective positioning and unique design. It is the forward-looking capacity that makes DDI WOW City project not be imitated and duplicated by others within a short time. Because of these, we’re very confident”, Ms. NI expressed. 



       Negotiation about a project in such a fair was nothing special, but Ms. NI was in no hurry to detail the introduction of the WOW City project, instead, she spent more time in talking about “playing”. She made a description of the construction and operation of the WOW City by centering on the process of “playing”:

       I. Why we focus on “playing”? Because the entertainment industry advances irresistibly. 

       We will enter an era of popular entertainment in the next 30 years, and then knowing how to play will become a soft power. According to big data, finance& insurance, household property, garments& accessories have become the TOP3 consumption fields for the young. “The world is so big and I want to have a look”, “the foodie dominates the world”, “the quadratic element dominates the world”, and “beauty is justice”. Various talent shows emerge in endlessly. All of these allow us to realize that amusement, competitions, film& videos, online games and other “entertainment” sectors are on a rapid rise and won’t slow down their steps at all. DDI just follows the trend. 



       II. Why will you go to DDI WOW City to spend your time? Because all of what you expect and don’t expect have been done by us

       Shanghai is not lack of clustered shopping malls. How to allow consumers to keep a fresh feeling and have a pleasant consumption experience in the days after the shopping mall is opened and during the process of constant comparison with others, is the thing one excellent shopping mall needs. How can WOW City attract customers? Essentially, DDI has realized the radiation effect of Qingpu gateway and has made certain of what the public want but feel not able to reach, that is to say, the demands that haven’t been satisfied  - the higher demands. All that DDI WOW City is about to do at present is to help meet such demands ahead of the others. 




       In the future, “knowing how to play” will become a key soft power in the coming 30 years. When most of the work will be replaced by machine, to take a group of people to play or to attract people to watch us playing is the operational direction of DDI, that is to say, the work that cannot be replaced by machine. Therefore, DDI WOW City shall not only love playing and know how to play by ourselves, but also create games and rules to organize everyone to enjoy themselves. 


       We have interesting SPD, we have the MD worthy of playing, we have funny IP images, and we have the teams who are good at playing. Who can play together with you? They must be the persons who want to play and know how to play. To recruit the persons who love playing and know how to play and can design the scenes, introduce brands, build IP, and organize those who want to play to enjoy themselves based on the actual needs is our thought about recruitment. 



       With the prospective planning and design and constant adjustment and efforts, DDI hopes to realize the triple-win goal in term of consumers, brands and shopping mall gradually, so as to facilitate and continuously increase the value of business linkage, and satisfy the diverse requirements of suppliers and demanders, hoping that we could set a constructive example in active exploration and sharing of such pilot-run experience through our practices.  


       This was already the third time for DDI WOW City to show up in the first half of 2017. From the strong momentum of WOW City, all circles of life have seen that DDI is facilitating the influence of its brand through strong power.