A Delegation Headed by Deputy Mayor of Nanning Visited DDI

Feb,28 2017

    During 22 to 23 February, 2017, a delegation headed by ZHANG Wei, member of the Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Nanning visited DDI Group (members of the delegation include LAN Zonggeng, Lead of Shanglin County, HUANG Liji, Director of Economic Trade and Investment Promotion Bureau of Wuxiang New District of Nanning, HOU Jingwan, Deputy Director of Nanning Finance Office, WU Kewen, Deputy Director of People's Congress of Shanglin County, Li Bingmei, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Shanglin County, and WEI Fang, Director of the Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development of Shanglin County). LI Hailin, President of DDI Group, PU Furu, Executive President of the Group, YU Jie, Assistant to Chairman and CFO of the Group, LIU Chun, Assistant to Chairman and Head of Overseas Business, and SUN Jian, Assistant to Chairman and Vice President of Real Estate Group, received the delegation of Nanning city with warm hospitality.


   The delegation visited and investigated Dongdu Enjoy City and Qingpu project on the afternoon of 22 February.


    On the morning of 23 February, the delegation visited Shanghai Town & Country Club and listened to the introduction about the core concepts, feature facilities and functional areas of the club by STCC CEO Peter. The idea of “family, dream and life” embodied by organized by STCC and wonderful activities are highly appreciated by the delegation.

    LIU Chun, Assistant to Chairman and Head of Overseas Business, made a presentation on the business sectors of DDI Group and current development of all DDI projects on the meeting.


    Then, STCC CEO Peter explained the concepts, features, activities and future development of the club in time sequence.

    Later, distinguished expert Charles presented a method statement for the design and construction of the D-economy Cluster in Nanning city in views of the urban setting, economic conditions and development of the city.

    After the presentation, Mayor ZHANG stated in a speech that this visit aims to promote mutual study and understanding, as well as decision and execution of the cooperation between both sides. Since both sides share the same ideas in development, the investment of DDI Group will produce great effects on various aspects of Nanning. Furthermore, execution of DDI project in Nanning will also drive the economic transformation, upgrading and leaping-over development in the local and even the whole Guangxi Province.


In the end, President LI Hailin concluded the preliminary framework, existing strengths and challenges of the cooperation. Through friendly negotiation, both sides have reached an agreement and signed the Memorandum of Understanding on matters such as tourism, real estate, construction of the D-economy cluster, acquisition and listing of high quality companies.