Establishment of the First Overseas STCC

Dec,22 2016

Successful Acquisition of Canadian Granite Springs Golf Club by DDI

       In December, DDI made successfully acquisition of Canadian Granite Springs Golf Club and redefined it and its surrounding land parcel of Red House, which was already acquired by DDI, as the first STCC overseas. This movement represents a substantive step forward in the internationalization of STCC.


       The area of Granite Springs Golf Club was 354 acre, including a golf course with 18 holes and 72 pars, as well as a clubhouse. It is situated at the picturesque Herring Cove in the City of Halifax of Nova Scotia, Canada, with a half-hour drive to the downtown area. DDI has made investment in the City of Halifax, including a historic conservation building in downtown, a seaside resort and a land reservation covering around 4,800 acre.

        STCC in Halifax is of great importance to the DDI internationalization process and its endeavor to be a leading life service provider for the middle class worldwide. The first overseas STCC in Canada is capable of providing STCC members high-quality services all around the world and enriching the club network of STCC Global Alliance. Currently, STCC has established reciprocal partnerships with 9 top-level clubs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Canada, the US and other regions.

        DongDu International Group has always been dedicated to its globalization process. Since the launch of overseas strategies, DDI has made acquisition of several projects in Hong Kong, Canada and the US, and set up DongDu Japan in this December. While advocating international lifestyle among domestic middle class, DDI is also painstakingly marching into the global market. It is firmly believed that the overseas presence of DDI will extend to other places other than North America and Japan. DDI will vigorously seek for more business cooperation opportunities with globally-renowned clubs and club teams, based on its profound experiences in the development of real estate, project investment and operation of clubs, so as to constantly integrate all kinds of excellent resources to develop brand new standards for the club industry and to provide services of higher quality to more and more middle class people who are in favor of international lifestyle.