Press Release | LI Hailin: No Regrets in Life is a New Definition of Success (Part Two)

Dec,22 2016

Successful Acquisition of Canadian Granite Springs Golf Club by DDI

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Stay true to the dream and exercise inventive minds to create international lifestyle for middle class

       In addition to project development supporting the growth of young generation, LI also focused on expanding his career to foreign markets in a relatively early stage. He took a few years to lead a team to write a specialized report titled How China’s Real Estate Enterprises March into North America with millions of words about re-creation & re-development of properties undervalued by the market. It has been proved that his viewpoints are right. A series projects successfully completed and operated in North America, a matured market at that time, have extended and interpreted the brand meaning of DongDu in foreign countries, representing the Oriental living dream.

       From before to present, he has developed a higher and further vision, and realized that the dominant position of middle class in a society is a symbol of healthy and balanced social development. Therefore, he is determined to be a service-provider of international lifestyle for the middle class. This inspiration has been transformed into a project. The original built-up area remained to be the living space, home of owners. There was another home outside residence covering over 10,000 m² and integrating catering, fitness industry, beauty industry, parent-child activities. This place serves as the presence chamber of owners and represents the lifestyle of owners. It could also satisfy some living demands of owners by providing many facilities. In the meantime, he strictly followed the international standard for living facilities and life services to better serve foreign families living here. “DDI was a pioneer to introduce international lifestyle to China.” He said proudly

       He described his greatest goal for the next decade as maintaining the position as a leading service-provider of international lifestyle for the middle class and building a residential community to meet various needs of domestic passionate and civilized middle class, who have desires to change their lifestyle.

       In this way, he sticks to his “inventive mind” while his counterparts focusing on brand quality. He follows his initial conception to create his works step by step, with no shift, alteration or compromise in it under the influence of industrial trend, abrupt changes of situation or momentary profits. Inventive mind is not a simple or short-term thinking, but an action towards the initial direction, a decision in accordance with regular rules and his perseverant devotion. He wants to present the public his determination and persistence under the guidance of initial dreams other than bombastic ideas or uncertain fancies.

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Devote to public welfare and fulfill the mission & responsibility of an entrepreneur

       A great business leader today used to be a bold and vigor young man, who bravely swam across a river like a hero under the encouragement of classmates and onlookers. However, five years of work experiences in government offices have taught him to be a person with innovative ability and to stay calm and rational in business operation. “I have always reminded myself to follow business ethnics, maintain comprehensive considerations, get a grip on myself and abide by national regulations. Except for these basic requirements, I also have higher expectations to myself. A businessman as I am, I shall not disappoint my families, friends, leaders and colleagues, and shall be worthy of the trust for staffs working with me. There are many more things than my ambitions to consider.” In this point of view, he doesn’t treat it as a burden but the greatest achievement in life, as it could help and influent many people.

       Stefan Zweig stated in Decisive Moments in History that the biggest fortune for a person is to discover his or her mission in the prime of life. Speaking from this aspect, LI Hailin, as a successful Chinese entrepreneur, is a lucky man for he lives in a time in which entrepreneurs are supposed to be major players, who have launched an influential and shocking entrepreneurial revolution. Their mission and destiny have motivated them to push the progress of Chinese nation. Though LI Hailin was almost penniless at the beginning of start-up, his remarkable and miraculous accomplishments later have turned him into a benchmark of the era.

       Though as a businessman, there are some artistic feelings in the values of LI Hailin. “I will neither do anything that makes me uncomfortable, nor give too much thought on interpersonal relations. People having same values are easy and comfortable to get along with each other. And I have no intentional requirements to others. I just take everything as it comes and follow my heart.” He said after a short break that, “I feel grateful to have such a vast space and favorable conditions in China for us to develop and grow as much as possible.” Peter Drucker defined entrepreneur in Innovation and Entrepreneurship as people who willing to regard changes as opportunities and to make breakthroughs out of them. LI Hailin fully deserves the name of entrepreneur by this criteria.

       Sherlock Holmes once said that every person has a small but eternal spark deep inside. People were ordinary human at birth but may stand out in the future when their inner sparks turning into strength, while common people trying to follow their examples by simulate their external excellence. Nevertheless, the brave is able to transform his or her inner spark into energy and share it with others.

       Even there are so many exciting stories of successful businessmen today, LI Hailin has never sought for the so-called success. “For me, success means no regrets in life. Of course, a successful person must have integrity and desire to do better.” People around him are attracted by the unique and splendid radiance of his inner spark all the time.