DDI Group Marches into Japanese Market with the Formal Establishment of DongDu Japan

Dec,20 2016


       In Dec. 2016, DongDu International Group officially announced its establishment of DongDu Japan. This is the fourth international market after Hong Kong, USA and Canada that DongDu International (DDI) enters into. It opens a new chapter of strategy for DongDu International (DDI) to become a “global middle class service provider”.

     In 2016, DongDu marches into the Japanese market for the first time. After in-depth industry analysis and research, DongDu selects Vortex, a Japanese company, as its first local strategic partner and recently it also plans to invest in two projects in Tokyo with Vortex. Meanwhile, DongDu International (DDI) has established cooperative relationship with Japan’s MIZUHO and SMBC (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Cooperation), which are Japan’s first and second largest bank respectively.

      Mr. WANG Wenyan, GM of DongDu Japan, expressed that they would set up a team of real estate investment and asset management in Japan in near future. In addition to real estate investment, DongDu Japan will also actively cooperate with the Group’s overall development strategy to integrate Japan’s excellent resources in many fields such as medical care, old-age security, finance and film entertainment investment, etc. and to promote the foundation of club in Japan.