Dongdu WOW City Media Launch “Realize Your Imagination and Refresh Your Conception”

Dec,08 2016

        Qingpu, the most vigorous business sub-center in the west of Shanghai that links the city with Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces relying on its 5 highways running across the Yangtze River Delta.

       WOW City, a theater park will be established at the Dianshanhu Avenue, 30 minutes to the Great Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub by subway of line 17, through the Western Shanghai Golden Corridor.

       A brand new business layout was established in Qingpu witnessed by the 200 guests on the site.

       On Nov. 30, WOW City Media Launch was started at Shanghai Town & Country Club. WOW City is expected to create oxygen landscapes of sunshine, air, water, green plants and mountains by integrating hills, forests, waterfalls, rivers and lakes and other natural elements into the arrangement of different scenes and meanwhile combine the architecture arts with the emotions of consumers to build up a theater park that introduces wisdom lifestyle for people living in Qingpu.

        A grand meeting where dreams come true

      Aimed to build up the WOW City into a theater park, WOW City Media Launch fully demonstrate the natural, joyful, novel, carefree and WOW elements. At the entrance of the launch are placed the forest & lake like guest passage and hi-tech interaction facilities, which enable guests to enjoy the natural elements of the green lung and the utilization of hi-technology in the wisdom WOW City.

        The launch was started with a passionate and poetic interaction show. Domestic real estate sector CEO Mr. Zhao said in his opening address that, as one of the most commercially-developed city in China, Shanghai is a key part of the expansion strategy of DongDu InternationalDDI, while Qingpu is one of the five new towns of Shanghai. With the rising of the Great Hongqiao Commercial District and the construction of the Subway Line 17, the advantages of Qingpu would be more obvious as the key part linking Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. Under the one city and two wings planning structure of Qingpu, the eastern wing would take advantages of the Great Hongqiao and the western wing would focus on Zhujiajiao, Jinze and Liantang ancient towns to build up the world-level lake area and demonstrate the development vision and confidence of Qingpu. The construction of Shanghai business airport and the signing of the LEGOLAND also make a difference for the development of Qingpu.

       The media launch also invites IMA, who once participated in the design of several Disney projects around the world, to share the design ideas and SPD special landscape in WOW City that provides a landscape journey full of “emotions” for the novel and joyful paradise. The man-made fountain and waterfall, strawberry stage, Bohemia roof garden, happy world centered on corsair, railway station, urban farm and hill integrated with wisdom tree, we believe that the WOW City will offer happy, passionate, expecting and curious landscapes to consumers and let them enjoy the leisure time in the city, and also provide the platform for parent-child games and rest. We believe that with such theme landscapes, the WOW City would be a resort where you could take a break even without buying anything.

        Teng Xianyi, Chairman of CCD with competence of international development and planning, introduced the unique MD planning of the WOW City. Relying on differentiated product positioning and accurate business arrangement, WOW CITY is aimed to build up the experience and family MD with unique charm and the top culinary culture and tourism cradle land, as well as the top resort for dating in the district. The intelligent hotel, international service level of Shanghai Town & Country Club, the Japanese-style hot spring that could purify our hearts, the all-dimensional touch with the Qingpu market that offers fresh products. Yes, it is the first time for them to enter Qingpu District. In addition, we are the first to introduce in hot spring into the shopping center. This is a new experience business facilities where each guest could enjoy themselves. It is also an establishment with infinite topics and frogs as the interactive media.” President Teng expressed.

         Gathering of big brands and higher-ups

        At the media launch we could not only see those noted domestic brands but also the agreements signing ceremony between the WOW City and Shanghai Film Co., Ltd., Gokurakuyu Shanghai and Shanghai Town & Country Club. Mr. Ma Weigen, Secretary of Party Committee of Shanghai Film Co., Ltd., Mr. Peter, CEO of Shanghai Town & Country Club and Cui Minghao, GM of Gokurakuyu Shanghai attended the signing ceremony. Besides, the forum that focuses on consumption transformation to evoke business potentials hosted by Ni Min, GM of the Business and Management Division of DongDu InternationalDDIwas well received, where Mr. Guo Zengli, Director of Mall China and Vice President of Council of Asian Shopping Centers, Mr. Li Qijun, GM of Sanpower Group East China, Mr. Peter, CEO of Shanghai Town & Country Club and Mr. Tang Xilin, GM of Hotwind shared their opinions on the questions raised by GM Ni Min.

        In light of the trend of social development, the division of labors among all industrial sectors will become more accurate and professional. There is still a long way to go for the development of the shopping centers in China. We believe that there would be more developers and operators of shopping centers like WOW City, focusing on the improvement of details in shopping environment and MD combination with craftsmanship. Finally, GM Ni Min made a summary on the speeches of all giants and distinguished guests, and they also reached a consensus on the speech.

        Moe Point Duoduo at WOW City mascot release

      Towards the end of the media launch, the host invites Tomonori Taniguchi, the famous Japanese cartoonist, also the author of WOW CITY mascot to paint strawberry frog on the site and then Li Xiang, VP of a domestic real estate sector takes all the audience to tour around the WOW City with the help of the Augmented Reality technology. There are wonderful highlights on the site and guests are enjoying the photo with the Moe point Duoduo.


        As introduced at the media launch, the theme park of park theater WOW City that integrates ecological planning, architecture art, emotion landscapes and unique MD positioning will group together experience and family new business sectors, and provides a brand new shopping space that perfectly integrates ecology and technologies, as well as provides a leisure platform that enable all visitors to enjoy delicate services and show their tastes, covering those come here through its seamless linkage with subway No. 17 Line Dianshanhu Station, and over 8 million tourists visiting Zhujiajiao, Oriental Oasis, Daguanyuan and Liantang, including the 500,000 residents of Qingpu New Town in the year of 2018.