"Bringing Heat to Guizhou", Dongdu Originates Clothes Donation

Nov,17 2016

      On November 14th and 15th, 2016, Dongdu International (“DDI”) carried out clothes donation called "Dongdu Bringing Heat to Guizhou" together with the "One Plus" volunteers in Guizhou Province.

      The full name of the "One Plus" volunteers is Guizhou One Plus Volunteer Association, which is a social organization registered in Guizhou Provincial Department of Civil Affairs in this August. However, they have ten years' experience in public welfare establishments before the registration. Ms. XU Jiayi, the founder of the volunteer team, went to Guizhou as a volunteer teacher ten years ago. Later, she organized the One Plus volunteer team to help the students there with their study. This organization is mainly engaged in the education support, providing financial aid to children in poor mountainous areas and leftover children. With the appeal of this organization, the volunteers help the children complete their study, support the Miao girls to go to school and construct and add educational facilities in schools in poor mountainous areas. There are over 400 volunteers in this organization now. It also has a branch in Zhejiang Province.

      Over 30 employees from the DDI Headquarters, Property Management Department, Changfeng Project and Suzhou Project participated in this activity. LI Linhai, Chairman of the Board, AND senior executives, including LIU Chun, LYU Yanshuang, GONG Wenquan, LI Xiurong and TANG Qiang, etc. donated clothes in the activity. With the appeal of leadership of the Group, Dongdu employees washed and fold their idle clothes neatly before bringing them to the company. Over 300 pieces of winter clothes were collected in this activity, including cotton-padded clothes, down jackets, sweaters, thermal wear and cotton-padded pants, etc. All the clothes donated were gently used.

    All the clothes collected in this activity have been sent to Guizhou One Plus Volunteer Association on November 15th, which will be donated to Guizhou Welfare House and poor mountainous regions by One Plus for each one who is in need.

      Small amount of love donated by a single person could be accumulated into great power. Our idle things could be others' coal in winter. People in need are supported and the idle resources are utilized. We all consider that this kind of activity is of great significance. 

      Since its inception, DDI has devoted itself in the public welfare establishments and participates in various charity activities for consecutive years. DDI insists on the education vitalization concept of the Chairman LI Hailin and has aided the School of Civil Engineering of Tongji University, East China Normal University and China Europe International Business School. DDI has established "Dongdu Special Fund of East China Normal University", "DDI Shanghai Jiating Center--- CEIBS Scholarship" respectively. Meanwhile, DDI pays attention to the people in need and has aided over 200 students in Caoyang Street Office, Putuo District, Shanghai for recent five consecutive years.

      Return the society with a grateful heart. DDI will continue to take part in the public welfare establishments, facilitate the prosperity and advancement of the economy with its growth and return the society and hometown with its great love, to make more people share the social wealth created by DDI.