"Riddle Fun" of the Middle Autumn Festival--- employees' activity

Sep,18 2016

     The Middle Autumn Festival is also called the Reunion Festival, which appeared at the beginning of Tang Dynasty and prevails in the Song Dynasty. It had the equal significance of the Spring Festival in the Ming and Qing period and became one of the most important festivals in China. There are numerous nationalities in China, each of which will celebrate the Middle Autumn Festival in their own ways. However, there is something in common of the ancient customs, such as offering a sacrifice to the moon, worshipping the moon, appreciating the moon, eating moon cakes, drinking wine and guessing lantern riddles. 

     In the afternoon on September 13th, a "Riddle Fun" of the Middle Autumn Festival--- employees' activity of guessing the lantern riddles and celebrating the Middle Autumn Festival was held in the employees' lounge at the headquarters of DongDu International (DDI). This activity is planned and organized by the brand department of the group, aiming at enriching the sparetime life of the employees, establishing an excellent cultural atmosphere of the enterprise and making all the employees feel at home in DongDu.

     Blue and white lanterns of different sizes were put up. The elegant colors expressed the feeling of missing someone. The round lanterns meant the reunion in the Middle Autumn. All the participants were attracted by the pretty lanterns and joined in the game. They thought and talked now and then. The activity site was full of lively atmosphere. 

      The most exciting part of the activity was the gift exchanging. The gift itself may be small, but the goodwill is deep. Exquisite gifts brought the happiness and the warmth of the festival in advance. Were those who had not received the gifts disappointed? Aha! Don't worry. There were more gifts--- a box of moon cakes! Did you feel the sincere blessing from DongDu International (DDI) for the Middle Autumn Festival 

      In such joyful festival, we wish each homesick traveler could get together with his family and those who are longing for warmth could be happy under the round moon.