Dongdu established CEIBS scholarship, rewarding the society with great love

Aug,16 2016

      On August 8th, 2016, the Opening Ceremony of 2016 CEIBS MBA and the Donation Ceremony of Dongdu International & Shanghai Town & Country Community - CEIBS Scholarship was held in the Shanghai Campus of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). Dr. LI Mingjun, Dean of the CEIBS, Dr. DING Yuan, Deputy Dean and the Academic Dean, Professor LIU Ji, the Honorable Dean, Professor CHEN Shimin, Deputy Academic Dean and MBA Course Director, attended at the Scholarship Award Ceremony. In addition, Ms. CHI Lingqing, HR Director of Dongdu International Group attended at this Donation Ceremony on behalf of DDI.

      The total amount of the Dongdu International & Shanghai Town & Country Community - CEIBS Scholarship is RMB 3 million yuan. DDI has been sponsoring the CEIBS for four consecutive years since 2013, providing financial aids to the students with excellent performance and financial difficulties, so that they could succeed in their study. DDI donated RMB 300,000 yuan this year to fund LU Xiaoying and GUO Zhicheng. Ms. CHI Lingqing presented the scholarship to the twi students in person and gave them the sincerest wishes and expectations. 

      As an alumnus of CEIBS, Mr. LI Hailin, President of Dongdu International Group, showed his gratitude to his alma mater by establishing a scholarship. Mr. LI Hailin considers that every enterprise shall take its own social responsibilities. It’s DDI’ honor to make unremitting efforts with outstanding schools for the educational course of "taking ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people" that benefited the nation and the people.

    Since its establishment, Dongdu International Group has been committing itself to the public welfare establishments and has participated in various charity activities for consecutive years. DDI adheres to the educational concept of the President LI Hailin and funds the School of Architecture and Construction, Tongji University, East China Normal University and CEIBS. The group also established special scholarships, e.g., "Dongdu Special Scholarship of East China Normal University", "Dongdu International & Shanghai Town & Country Community - CEIBS Scholarship", etc. Meanwhile, DDI pays great attention to people in need and funds over 200 students in Caoyang Sub-district Office, Putuo District, Shanghai for five consecutive years.

      DDI will feedback to the society with a grateful heart and practice, will continue to take part in charity activities, facilitate the prosperity of the economy with its development and feedback to the society and the community with its great love, so that more and more people will enjoy the social wealth created by DDI.