DDI Group Wins Two Major Awards at 2016 China Shopping Center Summit Forum

Aug,03 2016

Abstract: DongDu Frog City is selected one of the TOP10 most expected shopping centers; Mr. ZHAO Weimao, CEO of DDI real estate sector, is selected one of “TOP10 Most Influential Man of China Shopping Center”


      On July 29, DDI was invited to attend “2016 China Shopping Center Summit Forum” cosponsored by Winshang.com- No.1 Commercial Real Estate Portal in China and 21st Century China Commercial Real Estate Research Institute. The theme of the Forum was 20th Anniversary Tribute • Great Changes of the Times, and many domestic commercial real estate “tycoons” were invited to participate in the Forum.

       The Forum focused on hotspots of the industry, analyzed the transboundary, integrated, innovative and future development of shopping center from three major aspects including media change, business change and market change, and explored new normal. The theme of the event lecture started from first 20-year development path of shopping center from macroscopic level, integrating 20 years of evolution of China’s first shopping center in real sense - Guangzhou Tianhe Plaza, merging together the most popular IP activities at present, information high-tech and many other topics with the most expected future TOP10 prospective design of Shanghai as well as thinking on children commercial activities after the promulgation of two-child policy running through from the beginning to the end. The Forum is large in scale and has high level and broad influence, playing great role in facilitating the development of Chinese commercial real estate!



     After dozens of days of selection by many real estate experts, Qingpu • DongDu Frog City stood out from hundreds of shopping centers throughout the country and gained the recognition of the experts present at the meeting for its unique architectural structure, novel spatial composition, healthy oxygen living concept and won the major award of “Shopping Center 20 Anniversary Series - TOP10 Most Expected Shopping Center”. At the same time, the experts expressed their unlimited expectations for the market value and development background of DongDu Frog City.

     Among the many awards of that night, Mr. ZHAO Weimao, CEO of DDI Real Estate Group won a major award of being selected one of “TOP10 Most Influential Man of China Shopping Center”. Mr. ZHAO has many years of experience in real estate and commercial development, who introduced Japanese shopping center concept and development model into China, led a group of teams with rich commercial real estate development experience and operation experiences at home and abroad, consolidated at every step from the architectural style, business operation planning to investment attraction and operation, providing excellent environment for attracting investors. He has successfully operated many domestic commercial real estate projects. It is foreseeable that DongDu Frog City would be his next most important masterpiece.

     Furthermore, the Frog City also invited IMA that participated in the landscape design of all the Disneyland throughout the world and many first-line international design teams to jointly create a park and theater-type theme park-style shopping center - DongDu Frog City. Adhering to the benchmark positioning of “leading in China, Pioneering in Shanghai, and landmarks of Qingpu”, the Frog City took “return to nature” as its theme, combining many special facility landscape, unique MD orientation, outdoor spa experience, agricultural producing area direct sales, combination-type club and a series of advanced planning to allow consumers to fully experience brand-new leisure shopping style encountering surprising things during the entire 365 days. The Frog City will guide people’s thinking about the future way of life with action, and use the fact to prove itself worthy of the name of the “TOP10 Most Expected Shopping Center”!