DongDu International (DDI) Group and Vortex Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Jul,11 2016

     On July 7, 2016, DongDu International Group and Vortex signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Based on this agreement, the two parties will establish a long-term strategic cooperation relationship as well as carry out business cooperation in such aspects as information provision for Shanghai International Mergers and Acquisitions Center, Tokyo TCC Club and acquisitions of non-performing assets in Japan, to assist DongDu in becoming an internationally leading service provider for middle class life through information sharing mechanism.

    Vortex, as a Japanese joint-stock company, was established in 1999. It aims to help middle and small-sized enterprises in consultancy and advisory with respect of setting up assets; based on the core of profitable real estate, the company also conducts businesses relating to constitution, transaction, agency, leasing, and management. In the real estate industry of Japan, Vortex ranks first in the field of annual growth speed. And the signing of this strategic agreement signifies the long-term and in-depth cooperation to be developed by both parties.

      Prior to signing, a group of guests from Vortex, accompanied by managers LIU Chun and LI Xinlei, visited Shanghai Town & Country Community, 3A International Apartment, and Shanghai International Mergers and Acquisitions Center of DongDu International Group. Mr. Fumihiko Miyazawa spoke highly of this visit and expressed his great expectation for future cooperation.

    At the signing ceremony, following the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, Mr. LI Hailin, Chairman of DongDu International Group, and Mr. Fumihiko Miyazawa, Chairman of Vortex, exchanged gifts with each other and had a group photo.

     The strategic cooperation with Vortex is a win-win situation for the realization of strategic businesses in the principle of equality, reciprocity and mutual benefit, and it will greatly intensify the effect of the “bridge” for communication between Chinese market and Japanese market. In the future, DongDu International Group will bring many more surprises to the middle class and better living experience and life services for customers.