Dongdu Lakeside Green Town Phase IV Sold Out Soon After Commencement of Sales

May,18 2016

      May 15th, 2016was the commencement day of sales of Dongdu Lakeside Green Town Phase IV, another magnificent work by Dongdu, under great anticipation of the public. Around one thousand of customers eagerly placed orders for new estates in the first 3 hours. All apartments were sold out at once. It was another legend of sales of Dongdu Lakeside Green Town!

Well-Received Hot Residence Sold Out in 3 Hours

      At the commencement day of sales, Dongdu Lakeside Green Town was decorated with colorful ribbons and had received mass guests. It was more like a carnival day inside the transaction site! Though there were huge crowds on site, our workers were especially thoughtful and considerate. Under their guidance and mediation, eachprocedure, from the confirmation of purchase to house-choosing, went well in a systematic way. We alsoprepared wonderful performancesand delicious refreshments for people in the waiting area.

      At 7:30 in the morning, lots of customers have been gathered in the sales site of Dongdu Lakeside Green Town. They talked to each other while waiting for the commencement of sales. A customer explained his attendance that a friend of him had bought an apartment of this projectlast year and strongly recommended him to do so. Some people considered the house price of Dongdu Lakeside Green Town was reasonable, and even lower than their expectation. Someone also planned to buy two apartments, one for himself and the other for his parents, out of the appreciation and admiration of the beautiful environment here.

     At 8:00, the new estate was officially open for sale. Customers queued up for picking an ideal apartment in turn. They were eagerly to communicate with their respective property consultants when they were invited to enter the house choosing area. Property consultants would announce the room number of apartment that had been sold in loud voice. Available housing resources were getting less and less; but our customers’ passion for transaction had not been affected. They rushed to purchase their ideal housings in haste as there were less available. The housing fight got heated for several times during the whole process. More than 300 housings were sold out in less than 3 hours.

Another Top-Quality Residential Symbol in Beiqiao Presented by Dongdu

       The reason why Dongdu Lakeside Green Town was favored by lots of purchasers is thatit’s equipped with highly effective price, refined and sound supporting facilities, beautiful and elegant living environment. The 89-143m2 lakeside high-rise apartments launched for sales were right for people with rigid or reformation demands. Despite of the upsurge in housing price in Suzhou’s real estate market, Dongdu Lakeside Green Town presented the public top-quality residential housings at northern Suzhou in reasonable and affordable price, depending on which it had achieved another grand success in sales just as the public expected!

      Dongdu Lakeside Green Town occupies about 250,000m2 of valuable land beside Lake Caohu, waiting to meet its new owners sincerely and earnestly. It is renowned for the beautiful scenery of Lake Caohu and Lake Ezhendang around, and a convenient traffic network to connect with all districts through northern Middle Ring Road, northern extension of West Ring Road and two main ring roads. As a top-quality residential symbol, Dongdu Lakeside Green Town has exercised its inventive intelligence and exquisite techniques to the construction of buildings. Every inch of space has been taken full advantage of. Moreover, it possesses of great education resources for New Beiqiao Middle School, Beiqiao Central Kindergarten and Beiqiao Central Primary School will be set up in nearby region according to the planning.

       Elegant and modern top-quality Dongdu Lakeside Green Town apartments will be sold out soon. Such an excellent opportunity deserves your involvement. Don’t miss it!