Dongdu Chanson Bay: Ongoing Building Completion and Happiness Delivery

May,18 2016

       April 30th of 2016 is the grand delivery date of Dongdu Chanson Bay. In last two months, every department and worker has spared no pains to contribute their efforts and strengths. The Construction Department kept working day and night to ensure the project could be completed on time; the Supporting Department kept striving all day long to get all necessary certificates for completion acceptance ready; while the Marketing Department exerted themselves wholeheartedly into this great task, from contacting with every owner to communicate issues related to the delayed delivery, to the preparation of delivery notice and delivery site, and the notification of delivery one by one. This success and achievement is the result of our joint efforts. Our consciousness of responsibility, hard works and regards are all demonstrated in this smooth delivery.

   This delivery will be lasted to May 4th. Deliverables include apartments, western-style houses, villas and shops. It was hard to imagine the workload and complexity we have confronted before. At the beginning of delivery, thanks to the previous full preparation and effective distribution of tasks, we were able to receive every owner with hearty passions, instruct them to fulfill the whole process and answer their questions patiently. The delivery site and personnel assignment are under systematical and orderly control. We feel satisfied and a sense of achievement while looking at the smiling face and pleasant steps of owners.

     The delivery is still ongoing. So far, we have successfully delivered 310 products to owners. Still, we have ample patience and careful consideration to accomplish remaining works, helping every owner move into their new homes and start a new and happy life here!