Beginning of Happiness, Grand Delivery, House Delivery Underway

Jan,13 2016

At the beginning of the New Year, Changzhou Project was grandly delivered on January 1, 2016 under the efforts of all staff in Jiangsu Region. We received and entertained every visiting property owner with full enthusiasm, and made explanations and answers for each proposed question. We tried to accompany the owners during every link of the house delivery until the owners left with a smile.

Despite of the significant amount of delivery workload, every brother project always offered mutual support for us. Under the joint efforts of everyone, 229 houses (429 houses in total) had been delivered without mistake as of 16:00 of January 5, 2016, with completion rate of 50%. On January 6, the last day of house delivery, we will keep up our full enthusiasm and attitude to receive every owner, and record all un-satisfactions found by customers during house inspection, and make timely rectifications, to ensure that the house delivery will be rounded off and every owner has a reassuring Spring Festival.