Dongdu Shanghai Town & Country Community in Changfeng EBD Establishes an Internationally Customized Life Style in Shanghai

Nov,20 2015

Shanghai Town & Country Community in Changfeng EBD is Inaugurate.

Exquisite and Luxurious Sample Rooms of Suhe Mansion are Launched.


On November 8th, 2015, the inaugurate ceremony and global debut of exquisite and luxurious sample rooms of Shanghai Town & Country Community in Changfeng EBD, sponsored by Dongdu International Group (“DDI”), reached a successful conclusion in the banquet hall of Shanghai Town & Country Community Club.


After lunch, guests arrived at the site and registered their attendance. Bands playing music on the stage, and the hall was demonstrating an extremely elegant and harmonious ambience. After the pleasant afternoon tea time, the ceremony began with a exquisite video show at 2:00 p.m.. Top management of DDI have presented in the event. Mr. Peter Wood, CEO of Shanghai Town & Country Community Club, made an introduction to the Club for the guests. This Club is defined as the private living room of owners of Suhe Mansion, a service apartment project of Shanghai Town & Country Community in Changfeng EBD.


In order to clearly explain the unique international luxurious lifestyle of Suhe Mansion, DDI arranged a stage play with the theme of internationally customized family life. On the decorated stage, performers showed the audience the future life in Town & Country Community. Their performance has successfully communicated to audience the specialties of the community as the first community in Shanghai with internationally customized lifestyle, from detailed and all-round services to organization of high-end parties.


At the end of the event, guests shared their impressions and feelings toward the community. They thought of the internationally customized lifestyle provided by Suhe Serviced Mansion Apartment of Town & Country Community as a brand new and wonderful lifestyle as well as their dreams of living environment. Different from traditional concept of a residential house, this community is designed to provide a new international lifestyle in Shanghai.




Creator of International Family Lifestyle adjacent to Gubei and Suzhou River

Suhe Mansion is located at Changfeng EBD and neighbors 2 international communities, Gubei and Jing’an; therefore, its advantageous position has determined that the project shall also be developed under the international style. Furthermore, it delivers globally elite families an experience of high-end lifestyle by virtue of its role as an integrated functional complex that integrates business, offices and living spaces all in one and that is equipped with “24-hour +” supporting facilities.


Exclusive International Family Club, a Rare Membership High-End Living Circle in Shanghai

Suhe Mansion has set up Shanghai Town & Country Community Club which functions like a private living room of its owners. The club covers about 20,000m2 and is operated by a service and management team with abundant working experience in international clubs. Members of this Club are provided with high-end gym, wine cellar, cigar bar, wine bar, Mediterranean-style restaurant, children’s playground and other facilities. Besides, in the Club, members will find their fitness instructors are gold medalists of Olympics, chefs are from globally well-known Michelin, and professional spa therapists are all with international reputation. What an honor it is to enjoy the comprehensive services by those great people! In addition, owners also can invite guests to dinner, have a spa or organize a family party in their own houses by making appointment with the Club who will send chefs, therapists or other relative workers to their home. The Club aims at offering you a public-living style and enlarging people’s living circle and connection circle, and determines to become the social bridge among families in the high-end circle and a platform for them to live an internationally advanced life and have more opportunities for business development.

Dongdu International Group, a Creator of Dreams of Living

By virtue of 26-year’s brand building, Dongdu International Group has, from a developer of real estates, become a large-scale and diversified investment group renowned in development of real estates in China, international investment and development, development of clubs and key financial business sectors. It has set up branches or offices in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada and other countries and cities. The transformation of the group from a single developer of real estates to an operator of urban complex has endowed it powerful strength in the integration of resources and allowed it to build a comprehensive urban living platform integrating high-end finance, business, living function and other industrial chains as well as to support cities to upgrade their living quality and achieve their dreams.