[DDI Changzhou] “Bakery Town – Dessert DIY” Activity Came to a Successful End

Nov,04 2015

From September 13th to 14th of 2014, DDI Changzhou – Yidun Town sponsored the “Bakery Town – Dessert DIY” activity in order to thank for DDI Changzhou owners’ and clients’ support and concerns, promote the deals with clients and increase the popularity for the opening quotation at the end of September. The activity attracted the attendance of lots of owners and clients and allowed everyone to enjoy a relaxed and happy weekend after a busy week.

The activity was well-prepared and fully equipped, providing delicious tea and pastries as well as fresh fruits.

When the activity started, the clients couldn’t wait to participate. Many clients even brought their children to take part in the activity. It seemed that every Changzhou person was a foodie.

When cookies were baked, clients talked with salesmen about the price or loans joyfully, with smile on their face without being offended though they were talking about a sensitive money problem.

The cookies were finally ready to eat! We had to admire clients’ imagination and Changzhou people’s intelligence. “Landlord! My landlord! Kings!”

Since the last Mid-Autumn Festival activity, DDI has seen the increase in customers and gained a greater reputation. We believe DDI will hand over a satisfying answer in the new home sales at the end of September.