Setting out – Another Giant – DDI Merry Town Has Shown up in Qingpu

Nov,02 2015


The DDI Qingpu Project, located at Qingpu Dianshan Lake Avenue Stop of Line 17, was delisted in September of 2014 and the piling work commenced formally on June 15th, 2015. Since the startup, the project has long gained close attention from the market and several rounds of denomination collection work has been conducted. After being voted by DDI leadership and every colleague, finally the “DDI Merry Town” was determined as the denomination of the project and submitted to relevant government authority for approval.


Merry Town –City of Future

 “The Analects of Confucius – ZI Lu” says: “Yeyi official of Chu-Kingdom asked Confucius about political affairs and Confucius replied: ‘to offer the nearby people grace and make them feel happy, then the people living far may come for shelter’”. “DDI Merry Town” was another masterpiece of DDI in Qingpu with a size of 450,000 square meters and it was equipped with large thematic commerce, boutique hotels, high-end residence, creative LOFT and landmark offices. The project was created jointly with internationally well-known design and planning companies. The huge-scale park & theatre-style shopping mall was created for the first time and the five theme experiences, e.g. Qingpu dining table, diversified catering, leisure STYLE, non-daily world experience and fashion gallery were also created. Upon completion, the project will become a new commercial name card of Qingpu District and even Shanghai city.



Merry Town –City of Nature

By taking “nature” as the core philosophy for design and following Asian resort style and European classic style, the project intended to create an architectural space through a 600m long outdoor shopping street, where people could experience the idyllic original ecology and nature. On the 600m long three-dimensional outdoor shopping street spanning from the east to west, numerous commercial stores stood on both sides and in the vertical direction from the second floor underground up to the fourth floor above the ground, it seemed as a grand commercial canyon.

The language of nature threaded throughout the canyon, and there was the vertical center stage penetrating from the second floor underground up to the third floor above the ground and there was also a green farm surrounded by the outdoor commercial corridor as well as a sunk waterscape square featuring the pouring waterfall. People seemed to place themselves in an almost boundless architectural and landscape space and they could feel the unique charm of the nature-themed shopping space.



Merry Town – City of Life

DDI invested heavily in developing and building in Qingpu the first large-scale commercial complex project that featured the international-level quality. DDI advocated a cultural philosophy centered on the young people’s residence. This idea has been manifested better in such an international commercial complex project, because it focused on “family experience” and set up mini cinema, ecological mart, hot spring, Town & Country club, variety store, food plaza and other stores in order to meet the successful people’s needs for 24-hour life in Shanghai.