“Brilliant DDI, Flickering Beiqiao” – Grand Opening of DDI Huyun Qingcheng Landscape Demonstration Area

Nov,02 2015

On Aug. 16th, with the gentle summer breeze and bright sunshine, DDI Huyun Qingcheng master-level landscape demonstration area was open to public. The persons in charge of Huyun Qingcheng Project, representatives of Suzhou mainstream media and numerous potential purchasers got together to witness the grand opening of Huyun Qingcheng Landscape Demonstration Area.


Grand Opening of the Master-level Landscape Demonstration Area

At the tail of summer and head of autumn, when it remained a cool weather, some clients had arrived at the sales office of Huyun Qingcheng before 8:00 AM. Hundreds of potential purchasers signed in when they arrived in an innovative manner at 8:30 AM. After a passionate opening dance show, the activity was opened officially at the golf course of the demonstration area at 9:00 AM.




The host extended a warm welcome to the guests and clients on the site and made a brief introduction of Huyun Qingcheng, a benchmarking product for international quality in Beiqiao. The landscape demonstration area was unveiled for the first time, showing clients a future beautiful and comfortable living environment. After the leaders of Fangdd, a domestic well-known housing exchange website, delivered the speech, the signing ceremony between Huyun Qingcheng and Fangdd began. After the grand and creative “opening gate for families” ceremony ended, guests and clients started their formal visit to the landscape demonstration area.






Unprecedented Preferential Margin to Assist You to Fulfill Your Dream

 Upon completion of the opening ceremony, the group-buying activity of Huyun Qingcheng began. All the clients who had made the reservation could enjoy a “RMB 10,000 Yuan used as RMB 30,000 Yuan” privilege. The dream passport activity also came to an end on that day. Those who got the highest score could enjoy a “deduction of RMB 5,000” privilege. Since the preferential margin was high and lots of potential clients were attracted, the clients in the group-buying acceptance area were in a long queue. At noon, more clients arrived here. One of the clients in the queue expressed that Huyun Qingcheng indeed made Beiqiao a great difference.


As the night fell, some clients were still on the way to participate in the group-buying activity. DDI Huyun Qingcheng Landscape Demonstration Area, a model for international deluxe life, was adjacent to the new Beiqiao Middle School, encompassed by vast ecological wetland of Caohu Lake, provided with a 2,700 m2 international club and five-star property management services and it would offer you a perfect and deluxe quality life experience.


Audiovisual Feast, Dazzling Night




At 18:30, an audiovisual feast started on time. The passionate Hawaiian dance was followed by a wonderful Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The beautiful slim models and charming show presented Beiqiao with a “Victoria's Secret”. The next magic show also aroused the great interest of spectators and the highlight amazed the audience so much. The following laser dance show was also extremely eye-catching and drove the atmosphere to culminate.



 The performance was wonderful, and the conventional lucky draw couldn’t be omitted. Plenty of air-conditioner fans and summer quilts allowed lots of guests and clients to come back with fruitful results. However, the most exciting was the ultimate prize of the activity, that is to say, the RMB 50,000 Yuan coupon. The person who became the lucky winner of the coupon could be given a RMB 30,000 Yuan deduction from their house payment. There were also RMB 20,000 Yuan or RMB 5,000 Yuan coupons. Such powerful favorable measures excited the guests on the site very much. At last, the RMB 30,000 Yuan Coupon was won by a loyal customer of Huyun Qingcheng. The lucky guy expressed that he would continue concern about DDI Huyun Dongcheng. Originally, what he wanted to do was only buying a good house. Unexpectedly, he was so lucky to win such a big prize. It was really hard to come by. Those who didn’t get any prize were also very happy because they could gain a generous present.



Everyone has a dream home in their heart. It is a house facing to the vast lake with flowers blooming in the morning sunshine of the spring. Your dream could be fulfilled by the DDI HUyun Qingcheng encompassed by the vast ecological wetland of Caohu Lake. At the time when Suzhou becomes a super city, Huyun Qingcheng is bound to be the real estate leader of the new town – Beiqiao.



DDI Huyun Qingcheng Master-level Demonstration Area is now open to public. Welcome to appreciate the beautiful scene here!