STCC Put forward “24-hour plus” Concept to Create High-end Life

Nov,02 2015

Today, DDI officially launched STCC brand at the press conference held in Shanghai and put forward a brand-new innovative life concept of “24-hour plus” in hope of bringing the globalized high-end lifestyle to China.

Mr. LI Hailin, the Chairman of DDI, Mr. Peter Wood, the CEO taking charge of development and international investment of Dongdu international club and Mr. John Finton, the well-known real estate developer of the United States, attended the press conference and witnessed the significant moment jointly with multiple media.

“The last thing that the smartest people want to do is to waste time”, Dante once said. However, in today’s society, successful people always dedicated themselves to work but had little time in caring for their family. By keeping abreast of the times, DDI launched STCC brand at the right time and covered high-end club, deluxe residences, commercial retails and commercial office building in hope of building a high-end complex for business elites with a total floor area of 125,

On the basis of its “24-hous plus” creative concept of life, DDI was committed to offering all-round and premium services to allow successful people to have more time to stay with their families and enjoy a”24-hour plus” day after work.

Shanghai Town & Country Community, with a total area up to 30,000 square meters, would become a place where STCC owners could enjoy their family life. On the basis of its advantages, STCC was committed to allowing every family member’s demands in their life and career to be.

The Chairman Mr. LI Hailin also devoted himself to globalizing the culture of the top-end club, setting up a global club union and running at least 10 clubs across the world within 3 years. At the time STCC was about to open, the aquatic club of DDI at Los Angeles of the United States was also put into preparation.

 “For successful people, the real happiness not only refers to material or financial wealth but also enough quality time to accompany their family and loved ones. The world would become better if people could live a life beyond the limits of 24 hours. DDI hoped people could experience the globalized premium lifestyle by proposing the ‘24-hour plus’ concept and allowed busy urbanites to feel the happiness and warmth by staying with families”, said the Chairman LI Hailin.