DDI Entered into Strategic Cooperation with ECNU Science Park

Sep,23 2015

On Oct. 23rd 2014, the signing ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Frame Agreement between DDI and ECNU Science Park was held grandly on Dongdu International Enterprise Center. LI Hailin, the Chairman of DDI, ZHANG Aihua, the President of DDI, QIN Guoli, doubled as the Principal Assistant of ECNU and the Chairman of ECNU Science Park Management Company, GU Baogen, the GM of ECNU Science Park, GU Quanxing, the Vice Director of the Management Committee for Suzhou Xiangcheng Economic Development Area and many other leaders attended the signing ceremony. On the meeting, both parties announced to set up a strategic partnership and would develop industrial real estate projects jointly in future.

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QIN Guoli, the Principal Assistant of ECNU, expressed that ECNU Science Park had already become the key base for transformation of the university’s scientific and technological achievements, for cultivation of high-tech enterprises and for teachers and students to do pioneering work. While forming an industrial cluster and creating a characteristic park, the Park hoped to enhance the influencing power of both parties in expanding their respective business and further their development in their respective field by setting up the strategic partnership with DDI.

LI Hailin, the Chairman of DDI, expressed that the both parties, on the basis of complementary advantages, planned to create a platform where they could convert their dreams into reality with technologies. In order to meet the demands of enterprises for development, the industrial real estate projects jointly built by both parties would integrate DDI’s concept about young people’s residence as well as the supporting life services in order to develop a new real estate development model and exert a promoting effect upon the growth of the industry. At the same time, DDI hoped to establish a high-tech platform for entrepreneurship and exchange by virtue of ECNU’s R&D strength and by combination with the superior resources of Science Park, so as to promote the entrepreneurial and innovative urban construction.

GU Baogen, the GM of ECNU Science Park and ZHANG Aihua, the President of DDI as the Representative of Both Parties to Enter into the Contract

It was reported that the real estate business of DDI developed rapidly in these years and the sum of its buildings exceeded 23,000,000 square meters. DDI constantly brought forth new investment types. It was the first enterprise to propose the concept of “membership property”. It has even set its expansion foot on the land of the United States and Canada. The chairman LI Hailin expressed that DDI would expand its business to more cities at home and abroad and integrate the industries, which involved in development of derivative products or supporting services, into the projects and it would update the development model of the real estate industry and enrich the range of products as the function of urban region was upgraded.