[Social Responsibility] Put up a Blue Sky and Promise a Bright Future for Children

Sep,23 2015

On Oct. 18th, the annual charity evening party, the grandest and largest event of AI YOU FOUNDATION, i.e. AI YOU Night, came to a successful end. As the first foundation sponsored and operated by entrepreneurs, AI YOU FOUNDATION has been set up for 10 years and has saved lives of nearly 30,000 underprivileged children and allowed them to have a brand-new life.

Mr. LI Hailin, the Chairman of DDI, was invited to attend the evening party and participated in the important links together with directors of AI YOU FOUNDATION including LI Jiajie, LI Yanhong, FENG Lun, CHEN Dongsheng, GUO Guangchang, TIAN Suning, CHEN Xiao, JIANG Nanchun, famous entrepreneurs including LIU Yonghao, LI Dongsheng, LU Weiding, WANG Zhonglei, GU Yongqiang and many other domestic major entrepreneurs and eminent persons from all walks of life. ZHANG Xiaogang, LIU Wei, ZENG Fanzhi, XU Zhen and other famous artists also showed up at the evening party.

As a member of the Foundation, Mr. LI Hailin, the Chairman of DDI, paid constant attention to underprivileged children’s life. In order to offer more children the opportunity to have a better growth, Shanghai Town & Country Community denoted a total of 1,000,000 Yuan to AI YOU FOUNDATION this year for helping the underprivileged children.

This was only the first step that STCC has done on its way to charity. We will continue our efforts in making more contribution to the charity and allow more children to be capable of growing up healthily and happily with the aid of STCC.