STCC Won “the Best Club”: Focus on the Elites and Build a Global Club Ecological Network

Dec,21 2018

On December 13, the award ceremony of the Second CHANCE Lifestyle Selection initiated by CHANCE, the pioneer of lifestyle, was held at CHAR Bar, Hotel Indigo, Shanghai. Eight guests from the lifestyle field and the young actress Ms. QIAN Didi witnessed the selection. The selection announced nearly 80 of the most popular brands of the year. Sheraton, Hilton, Shangri-La and other renowned hotel brands were shortlisted. Shanghai Town & Country Club (STCC) won the Best Club Award in the selection. 


STCC has been adhering to the concept of creating “home away from home” and has won lots of many honors and awards from all walks of life by virtue of its quality space facilities and comprehensive service experience. STCC is committed to creating a new lifestyle for its members, with an integration of catering, leisure, fitness, social contact, parent-child and other functions, so as to meet the needs of “international lifestyle”. The concept that STCC has been adhering to directly contributed to its success in the CHANCE Selection of “The Best Club”. 


Home away from home”, leading new social lifestyle in the city

With the improvement of China’s per capita income level, especially the development and growth of the middle class, the origin of more and more new business models comes from social contact. With the advent of a new era of consumption upgrading, people’s needs of belongingness and social contact are increasing. In this context, it has been the greatest demand for the elite families to expand their interpersonal circles and strike a balance between career and family. STCC nicely provides such a platform for outstanding elites in all fields to communicate with each other, thus building a valuable network of interpersonal relationships and creating an integrative circle for elites in all fields.



The quality facilities environment of STCC



The exquisite catering and considerate interaction of STCC

STCC returns the core of business to the focus on the deep-seated needs of “people” and continues to perfect the details. In addition to the construction of the social network, STCC is more devoted to creating a more exquisite life experience, strengthening the links between people and making every member of the elite families find their belongingness at STCC, communicate and get acquainted with each other, thus achieving the balance between family and career for the elite families.


The on-site interaction of the Din & Tonics Chorus from Harvard University

STCC helps its members free themselves from the busy life and create a leisure and social resort that enables them to conduct mutual communication, jobs, leisure and entertainment, enrich their life experiences, hobbies and interest, improve family cohesion and create an impressive and wonderful memory for the family members and the children, namely being the real “home away from home”.




The quality facilities environment of STCC

Since its establishment, STCC has been recognized by members from all over the world and become the optimal place for elite families to conduct business, entertainment and social contact. STTC membership is only by invitation. Full membership of the club is only available upon the recommendation of a member of the advisory committee or an existing member, which can not only guarantee the privacy of the members, but also ensure the high quality and high standard of members, thus making the members fully enjoy the interconnected and comfortable space.

Layout of Nearly 100 Reciprocal Clubs Worldwide for Long-term Development

To create a successful high-end club is like a marathon. You should consider about what the members want. Innovation and service capability determine how steadily you can go, while strategic layout and vision determine how far you can go. Over the years, STCC has cooperated with nearly 100 world-class clubs to establish reciprocal clubs in countries including Canada, the United States, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, and Australia and this figure is increasing. Through this reciprocal network, STCC members can enjoy equal privileges in any local reciprocal clubs when traveling home and abroad. Joining STCC means becoming members of nearly 100 high-end clubs around the world.


STCC appeared on the NASDAQ “World’s Greatest Screen” at New York Times Square


The global network of the reciprocal clubs of STTC

STCC conducts the strategic layout worldwide, so as to build a global club ecological network. It focuses on the elites and pays full attention to the constantly changing and upgrading demands of this growing group, thus providing its members with a full range of international quality of lifestyle and bringing high quality products, ideas and vision to them. All these can’t work without the international management and operation mode of STCC. STCC makes reference to the international standards to operate and manage the clubs, attract and develop outstanding talents, create “super IP” of club, and rely on professional and systematic business operation mode to bring high-quality lifestyle to more members.