DDI Made a Speech as an Invitee at the 2018 Tencent Global Partner Conference, and Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Nov,06 2018


Recently, the opening ceremony of 2018 Tencent Global Partner Conference was held in Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts in Nanjing. As the first conference after Tencent’s new round of structural adjustment, TANG Daosheng, senior executive vice-president of Tencent, expounded the “two-network” strategy of Tencent to fully develop the industrial Internet and deeply explore the consumption Internet. DDI was invited to attend the conference as a special guest. PU Furu, president of DDI, made a speech themed by Smart Retail Energize Eco-community and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Beehive Clouds.


The Smart Retail and Smart Supply Chain Summit Forum was held on November 3rd. Its special guests included: Mr. PU Furu (president of DDI), Mr. JIANG Xiaoming (general manager of Shanghai Regional Company), Ms. NI Min (general manager of Business Management Division), Mr. XIONG Shaohua (director of marketing operation) and Ms. LIU Nian (director of new retail operation).

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At the Forum, Mr. PU Furu, president of DDI, made a wonderful speech themed by Smart Retail Energize Eco-community. Committed to being an international exquisite lifestyle provider, DDI owns four core business sectors, namely, Real Estate Development & Operation, Club Development, Overseas Investment and Financing. DDI has proposed an innovative and new business model of “club plus” — relying on real estate projects as the carrier to integrate the clubs with the high-end service industries such as robot hotel and SPA, thus making the customers enjoy the exclusive services in a high-quality environment and conducting duplication and brand output of this business model to serve the 10 million middle-class families in China.



After that, Mr. PU introduced that, “DDI focuses on the consumption upgrading and high and new technology, and makes constant innovations to practice the apps through investment in excellent new retail enterprises and the cooperation with them. We have initiated the great concept of DDI’s eco-community, on the basis that the online and offline smart retail energizes DDI’s eco-community. In the future, we will operate a super-wide-area community with large traffic.”


At the Conference, DDI signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Beehive Clouds, which marked that DDI would take advantage of the Internet for the 2.0 upgrading of its services. Beehive Clouds is not only an independent fourth-party supply chain sharing service platform based on S2B2C mode, but also a supply chain service provider which has integrated service capabilities such as “integrated smart supply chain system and integrated operation and management of warehouse distribution”. Beehive Clouds regards FMCG industry as the breakthrough point of new retail services and reduces the dealers’ logistics cost to 3% of sales income from 6%-10% of sales income through integrated systems and platforms such as the warehouse management system and smart supply chain system, thus easing the traffic pressure of the city while improving the efficiency of warehouse allocation.


   Picture: PU Furu, president of DDI, signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Mr. LIANG Kai, the founder and CEO of Beehive Clouds

As an international exquisite lifestyle provider, DDI drives the change and innovation of lifestyle with forward-looking and pragmatic spirit. In the face of the opportunity of consumption upgrading in the supply chain link and the market wave of new retail and new technology, DDI wishes to introduce its smart supply chain system into the core of DDI’s industries through the cooperation of both sides, thus energizing DDI’s eco-community of smart retail, and with Wow City as the new retail base and club service as the carrying mode, take advantage of the integrated systems and platforms to reduce the retailers’ warehouse costs, improve the industrial operation efficiency and service quality, and increase customer satisfaction, thus finally forming a three-dimensional commercial shopping scene with multiple scenarios and precision marketing.

The industrial services of DDI cover more than 10 million middle-class families, from the high-net-worth customer group to the living-consumption comprehensive customer group with a huge base, from tourism-and-leisure-oriented customer group to the structural customer group of the elderly population. In the future, we will rely on the smart retail supply chain system to connect online and offline systems seamlessly, so as to upgrade the entire industrial layout, unite the customer groups with culture, serve life with science and technology, go global with internationalization, create higher market value, forge ahead and keep pace with The times! DDI is always committed to being an advocate, provider and frontrunner of international exquisite lifestyle!