Two DDI’s Real Estate Management Projects Won “Shanghai Excellent Demonstration Project for Real Estate Management

Oct,22 2018

 Changfeng TCC (DDI Corporate Center) and DDI Le China were awarded “2018 Shanghai Excellent Demonstration Project for Real Estate Management”, which was the first time for DDI Real Estate to win the provincial honorary title for excellent demonstration projects after Changzhou DDI International Youth City won the municipal honorary title for excellent demonstration projects.



  On January 16, 2018, Shanghai Property Management Association issued the implementation criteria for the selection of excellent demonstration projects. DDI Real Estate responded immediately and timely launched the creation of excellent demonstration projects, organized the task group to hold the special meeting and make special plans, and then formally declared to participate in the selection in May 2018. 

    DDI Real Estate gave full play to team-work spirit, mobilized outstanding staff of projects in the Company’s headquarters, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changhzou, and concentrated the dominant power without adding an authorized strength to rapidly promote the process. In total, over 2,800 rectification and upgrading works had been completed, including renovation of the equipment room, improvement of sign systems, green transplanting and replanting, paint scribing, data combing, deep cleaning and so on, covering all sectors of real estate management.


  With the hard work and selfless efforts of the team members, the assessment standards (8 major categories, 209 indicators) were strictly benchmarked; the excellence creation work was advanced orderly; and every detail was carefully concerned, from the roof to every corner of the basement. The colleagues of each project conducted review by week; the real estate company headquarters was checked by month, and several internal checks, cross checks and simulation checks were organized.

    At last, two projects successfully passed the district-level primary review of the Property Department of Putuo District and Qingpu District, and respectively received the on-site inspection and evaluation by the expert group in Shanghai on August 22 and September 4, 2018.


  The two projects awarded provincial honorary title for excellent demonstration projects covered two types of businessresidence and commercial office, which has not only further improved the team morale, but also gained additional advantage in the market bidding, thus greatly improving the Company’s brand influence.

  Stay true to the mission and you will reach the bright end. DDI Real Estate will continue to uphold the service aim of being “professional, conscientious, sincere and sensational”, adhere to customer-orientation based on services, try to make good everyday efforts and be committed to becoming the most trustworthy real estate services enterprise.