DDI Won the“Talent Development and Practice Award”

Oct,24 2018

      On September 20, 2018, DDI was invited to attend the “KnX Annual Summit 2018 themed by users’ ecology: thinking and changing of HCM (human capital management) in the AI era”, which was organized and held by KNX.


     At the award ceremony of “Benchmark Enterprises Award on Human Resources Management”, DDI had the honor to get the “Talent Development and Practice Award”, owing it to its active exploration and innovative practice in HRM and talent development, and was affirmed and encouraged by the organization committee.

      After entering the era of big data and AI, with the constant change of external business environment, the reform within the organization has been normal and the change in business strategy is still more frequent. As a result, it is rather difficult for traditional HRM to be further developed under these new circumstances.


      The Summit focused on the change and implementation of HCM in the AI era, the CEO/HRVP/CHO/HRD from many famous enterprises, including Fosun Group, Analysys International, Oriental Fortune Capital, SITC International, 36Kr, Tencent, Giant Interactive Group, Alibaba, SAIC Group, Thyssen Krupp and Shanghai Media Entertainment Group, gave speeches and held talks to share their brilliant ideas and experience in response to HRM in the AI era based on their respective enterprise practices.


     In this era of rapid development of AI driven by technology, the working style of employees and the business environment of organizations are experiencing digital updating and iteration. DDI has been working hard in the field of talent development and organizational innovation. The “Talent Development and Practice Award” is the affirmation of the efforts made regarding talent development by DDI. In the future, DDI will continue to actively explore and bravely practise based on reality, put emphasis on the application of innovation, activate individuals and empower the whole organization, thus better providing talent guarantee and business support for group development.