DDI Joined Hands with SEE to Guard the Bright Future with Love

Sep,12 2018

At 00:00 on September 10th, the 99 Public Welfare Day 2018 came to a successful conclusion. As a member of SEE, DDI has always taken an active part in the environmental protection public welfare projects. Under the initiative of the chairman Mr. LI Hailin and with the help of each donor and disseminator, DDI Group finally achieved the fund-raising target.


At 10:00 of the first activity day on September 7, DDI Group joined hands with 249 Internet users to have donated RMB 60,223.62 yuan for the Yangtze finless porpoise babies. It only took one hour for us to have finished all the targeted donation of RMB 50,000 yuan. The participants’ passion for environmental protection exceeded our expectations! Soon afterwards, we launched the “Enterprise Joint Donation” activity and invited the participants to continue to join the project “Preserving the Smile of the Yangtze River” together with DDI, thus protecting the blue sea and sky jointly.


On September 8th and 9th, with the positive response of DDI’s staff, customers and followers, we received support from a total of 377 people, raised a total of RMB 73,808.86 yuan, including RMB 50,000 yuan donated by enterprises, RMB 23,121.62 yuan donated by the public and RMB 687.24 yuan donated by Tencent, and received a total of 249 Double Love Cards. DDI sincerely thanked for the donation and dissemination of every good-hearted person. The public welfare aims to spread the love and thank you very much for your participation.


For a long time, DDI has been actively committed to supporting public welfare undertakings. It has been responding to and participating in a number of SEE’s public welfare activities for green environmental protection for many years. In 2016, DDI became the first batch of 48 real estate and related enterprises which joined the green relay of environmental protection pioneers and actively participated in the “Green Supply Chain Action of Real Estate Industry”; in 2017, DDI joined hands with SEE to build the great green wall for desertification in the charity activity of “helping ecological improvement and protecting beautiful homeland” and DDI’s chairman LI Hailin also donated RMB 100,000 yuan to help improve the ecology in his own name; in 2018, we also took practical actions to support environmental protection, actively participated in the project “Preserving the Smile of the Yangtze River”, and supported the Thousand Yangtze Finless Porpoise Keepers Program to protect the elves of the Yangtze River!


“An enterprise is first and foremost a social citizen who shall assume the corresponding social responsibility and then a profitable organization which shall realize management production responsibility.” DDI Group always adheres to its promise and stays true to the mission. We take social responsibility actively, regard the public welfare as enterprise culture and always participate in every public welfare and environmental protection activity with a heart of gratitude. We believe that the changes of the world need small contributions of many people instead of many contributions of one people. Let’s try our best, devote our love, start with petty things and enjoy beautiful life together.