Granite Springs Golf Club Successfully Held the Annual Member Championship

Aug,09 2018

From July 28 to July 29, 2018 (local time) in Canadian, Granite Springs Golf Club held the Annual Member Championship as scheduled.  The event lasted two days. The participants needed to complete two rounds of 18-hole stroke play respectively and added up their scores in two days to compete for the four championships of men’s group, men’s senior group, women’s group and women’s senior group.

As the most important annual membership activity of the Club, many members began to strengthen exercises as early as early July to make final preparations for the competition. There were 69 members participating in the competition, setting the new record of the number of participants over the years.




Photo of Members during the Championship




The participants were enjoying the competition during the championship



Children came to cheer for their idols

After two days of fierce competition, the champions were announced. And for the first time in the history of the Club, there announced the “Double Champion”, namely, there were two members who had won the two champions of the men’s groups and women’s groups respectively. Mark Franklin won the “Double Champion” of the men’s groups and Sook Yoon won that of the women’s groups. The two champions were the four-year ambassador members of the Club.

Mr. WANG Cong, executive general manager of the Club, awarded the championship trophies and prizes for them. Meanwhile, at the award ceremony after the competition, other prize-winners were also awarded the bonus and prizes. In the happy and cheerful environment at the celebratory party, the fierce member championship came to a successful conclusion.



Mr. WANG Cong, executive general manager of the Club, awarded the prized for the champions

Granite Springs Golf Club is the first club that has been acquired and managed overseas by DDI, marking that DDI has made an important step for the “Club +” global strategy. As it has been the second year of DDI’s management of the Club, it has further demonstrated DDI’s firm confidence on the road of commitment to becoming an international good life service provider. In the future, DDI will actively seek more world-famous clubs and club teams, rely on the experience in real estate development, project investment and club operation and constantly integrate the resources, thus setting new standards for the club industry and providing higher quality services for more and more clients who choose international lifestyle.


Overseas Business Division

August 8, 2018