DDI Group Was Awarded the Honorable Title of “Shanghai Municipal Harmonious Labor Relations Standard Enterprise”

Jul,31 2018

DDI Group was awarded the honorable title of “Shanghai Municipal Harmonious Labor Relations Standard Enterprise” jointly by Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions and Shanghai Entrepreneur's Confederation, etc.


What kind of enterprise belongs to a “Harmonious Labor Relations Standard Enterprise”?

As the only scoring criteria, the “Evaluation Indicators Table for Creating Harmonious Labor Relations” includes the obligatory “examination questions” for the enterprises. There are 57 examination questions and the enterprise must get the score of more than 70 to stand out. The “examination questions” in the “Evaluation Indicators Table” mainly focus on the right and interests of enterprise employees, such as whether the enterprise has established the labor union organization according to law, signed labor contracts according to law, signed collective contracts on salary and established employee training systems, etc. The aforementioned contents are the indicators that examine and weigh the harmonious labor relations of the enterprise. These systems must be equipped and not be violated if the enterprise wants to get high scores.

As the “sensory indicator”, employee satisfaction is also included in the survey, including whether the relationship between colleagues is harmonious, whether employees are satisfied with career development opportunities, whether employees have strong participation and sense of belonging, etc.


In this appraisal activity, DDI Group took an active part in the evaluation and passed the evaluation of nearly 70 indicators, including normative, constructive, developmental and sensory indicators.

In the process of evaluation, DDI Group always adheres to putting the employees’ most concerned, direct and realistic interest problems on top of the list, regarding the realization and maintenance of their fundamental rights and interests as the basic starting point and foothold of constructing harmonious labor relations and effectively protecting the basic rights and interests of employees, including their labor remuneration, rest and vacation, labor security and social insurance, etc.

This honorary title is not only a recognition to DDI’s efforts, but also a spur to DDI’s future development. In the future, DDI will pay more attention to the standardizing of the organizational system and staff demands and attach more importance to the establishment of good cultural atmosphere and the integration with the customers and regions, thus co-building and co-creating a harmonious society.


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July 30, 2018