DDI• Royal Enjoy Welcomed Another Grand Opening

Jul,25 2018

As the second project after DDI Group stationed in Zhejiang, DDI• Royal Enjoy topped the real estate sales list of the month in Ningbo Zhenhai with amazing sales performance since its launch in early 2018. After half a year, it continued to stir up the real estate market in Ningbo. In much anticipation, the grand opening of DDI• Royal Enjoy Phase II was held on July 21 and the innovative WeChat online trading mode was adopted.

The WeChat online trading system was opened at 13:00 p.m., and all the 455 housing resources were sold out in 118 seconds. DDI• Royal Enjoy Phase II achieved great sales of nearly 1 billion yuan, immediately topping the real estate sales list in Ningbo Zhenhai.



The WeChat online parking space trading system was opened at 19:00 p.m. and welcomed another panic purchase. The 420 parking spaces were sold out immediately.


Printscreen of the online parking space trading

On July 22, the down payment contract signing was comprehensively launched. About a thousand people came and completed the contract sales, setting a new record for DDI. This achievement has well demonstrated the recognition of the market to DDI’s strength and its team trading ability. No matter what kind of market condition and competitive environment it is, DDI project is always in hot sell and favored by the customers.


The contract signing spectacle

The success of this grand opening is not our end, but our starting point. It will inspire us to forge ahead and strive for a higher and further goal to create a new glory and splendidness!