RC Joined Hands with Dafa Land (DFL) to Launch Wenzhou Kaixinjinyuan Club Project

Jul,23 2018

On December 1, 2017, DFL and RC Management signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Thus, RC Management will be responsible for the operation and management of all DFL real estate project clubs in China.

In July 2018, RC Club Management Company stationed in DFL—Wenzhou Kaixinjinyuan Club. Therefore, people can experience the considerate service of RC in Wenzhou from now on.


DFL adheres to the strategic planning of “basing in Yangtze River Delta and expanding in the second and third-tier cities” and focuses on residential development with commercial real estate as the supplement, thus to create high-quality real estate and maintain good reputation by developing high-end projects. Wenzhou Kaixinjinyuan is a mid-to-high-end residence and RC Management will be responsible for the management of its 1500-square-meter club, including indoor constant-temperature swimming pool, fitness room and yoga room, etc.

For this cooperation, both sides are committed to becoming the pioneer of Chinese quality community service provider and jointly creating the new life experience in the aspects of “health”, “social contact”, “emotion”, “personality” and “education”. Both sides uphold the sincere owner-oriented “originality” and give full play to respective advantages, thus to not only bring an operator of new lifestyle to DFL, but also create a more prosperous industry ecosystem for RC Management to become the best club partner of the developers.


Indoor Constant-Temperature Swimming Pool


Membership Locker Room


Fitness Room


The business objective of RC is to create the membership club with top quality and international standards. Therefore, RC Management will be committed to introducing its club culture into management service and providing better and healthier lifestyle.



DFL owns real estate joint-stock enterprises with national urban comprehensive development level-1 qualification. Its territory originates from Wenzhou and prospers in Shanghai, Nanjing, Anqing and Nanchang. Its business footprint covers whole Yangtze River Delta with the total development area of more than 5 million square meters. It has become one of China’s Top 100 real estate enterprises and is moving forward to a well-known brand in the real estate industry.


RC Management is responsible for the development and management of high-end community clubs. RC Management provides comprehensive community club operation and management services and carries out club development, management and marketing with high quality and efficient community club management mode. It is committed to promoting the quality service of international clubs and the management philosophy of “constantly exceeding the members’ expectation”, seeking cooperation projects in Greater China and building the good reputation of national famous club management brand.

With “people-oriented” as the essence, RC Management constantly encourages dedicated and diligent employees to improve the service quality, emphasizes perfect management quality, improves the members’ satisfaction and brings the highest return on investment and membership value to the management clubs by market positioning, innovation management, talent development, brand effect, marketing strategy, and club activities, etc.

RC Management

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About DDI “Club+”

DDI Group’s “Club+” strategy is to lead the strategic transformation and upgrading and to reform the business layout based on the needs of urban life service. The Club Management Company, with various business layout including integrated club, community club, hot spring club, intelligent hotel and so on, is committed to becoming a world-class membership-system good life service provider.

STTC is the flagship integrated club. As the first international high-end private family club in China, STTC adheres to the core idea of “home away from home” and is an integrated private club with 20,000 square meters of space for family gathering, parent-child activities, sports, health care, leisure and recreation, business communication. STTC membership is only by invitation, thus to ensure exclusiveness and maintain international standards for our members. So far, STCC has established reciprocity with over 80 private clubs worldwide. STCC members can enjoy the privileges in all the reciprocal clubs when traveling home and abroad.

The community club RC provides full high quality community club operation and management services and delivers effective world-class hospitality solutions in development, management and marketing for the premier residential clubs, as well as promotes the club management concept of serving members with high international standards to exceed expectations and build a good reputation of a national well-known club management brand.

Hot Spring Club is a perfect interpretation of modern hot spring embedded in a new high-fashion space, symbolizing simple, refreshing and natural bathing culture of hot springs. The space design is family-centered and combined with style and warmth to provide the best slow-life experience as the essence of “home away from home”. The concept of pursuing ideal and exquisite life is felt through its Intensive and fashionable tourism elements from classic book bar, fitness center to SPA health. Tangman Hot Spring House, Ximu Hot Spring House and Mushe Hot Spring House, as the three core brands of the hot spring club, are mainly distributed in cities and resorts.

Smart Hotel is a completely self-service boutique hotel for new generations which is operated through AI technological solutions. Besides a complete set of restaurants, health center and recreation center, it also provides customers with a new experience of technological services, including AI voice interaction, IoT smart home, face recognition check-in management, hotel management system integration and so on.