DDI America Successfully Acquired Pasadena Land Parcel in California of America

Jul,18 2018

After the successful acquisition of 540 projects in Detroit and California in America, DDI America has smoothly acquired another land parcel 170N in Pasadena, California and planned to develop and build 19 apartments here. So far, the project has been approved by the planning department, and the overall design of the project has been completed. The project is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of 2020, and the project investment IRR is expected to be 28%.


This project owns great regional advantages and high appreciation space. It is near to the famous university “California Institute of Technology” and the downtown of Pasadena, south adjacent to “Little Chinatown”, Dodger Stadium and the heart of Los Angeles, and west adjacent to the famous scenic spot “Griffith Park”.




DDI America is making efforts to create a real estate-focused fund and focusing on the vertical and horizontal development of industries on the basis of real estates, hence this acquisition will be an important step towards the overall goal of success.