STCC Won “Intelligent Creative Pioneer Project” of the 4th Real-Estate Crowdfunding Summit 2018

Jul,04 2018

On June 29th, the 4th Real-Estate Crowdfunding Summit 2018 was held in Beijing. LIU Chunzong, the CEO of DDI Club Management Company, was invited to attend the Summit and discuss the nascent state of the real estate—“people-oriented and mutualistic symbiosis” with the industry magnates. At the Summit, STTC won “Intelligent Creative Pioneer Project” of the 4th Real-Estate Crowdfunding Summit 2018.


Mr. LIN Zhaoxian, the vice-chairman of China Real-Estate Crowdfunding Alliance and vice-president and CSO of Country Garden Group, presented the award for DDI

The Summit aimed to promote the integrated innovation in the real estate, finance and industry with crowdfunding spirit, create a real sharing intelligent creative platform and fulfill the national real estate policies including multi-body supply, multi-channel assurance and simultaneous rent-purchase, thus promoting the new-mode transformation of the real estate industry by gathering crowd wisdom and power.

LIU Chunzong expressed some opinions on behalf of DDI in the secession of “My Opinion on the Change of Enterprise Strategies in the Post-development Era”. Then he introduced DDI’s business development and thanked China Real-Estate Crowdfunding Alliance for its recognition for STCC.


LIU Chunzong made a speech at the Summit

Founded in 1989, DDI is a large diversified investment group. The Group owns China real estate development, international investment and development, club development, big finance and other business sectors. In 2013, the Group established China’s first top family-oriented private club in Shanghai— Shanghai Town & Country Club (located at Changfeng Town & Country International Building). On this basis, DDI initiated the new mode of innovative commerce “Club+”, providing customers with distinguished and exclusive services in better environment. 


Realistic picture of STCC

Changfeng Town & Country International Building is located at the central part of Changfeng Ecological Business District, occupying the rare geographical location of Suzhou River. Adjacent to Hongqiao transportation hub, it boasts a floor area of about 20,000 ㎡. In the building, the membership club—STCC can provide both distinguished enjoyment and the social circles of high-end business people for the business owners, thus bringing a variety of business opportunities.

STCC provides excellent services, first-class facilities, exquisite catering and colorful activities for child-parent, health, commerce and entertainment so that every member of the elite family can have the chance to communicate with and understand each other, thus achieving perfect balance between family and career. As DDI’s first high-end integrated club flagship brand in China, STCC always adheres to the idea of “international good life service provider”, and forges ahead to create the “Home away from Home” for the club members.