STCC Won China’s Only “Best Club” Title and Established the Brand Value in Two Years, Marking the Rise of the Membership Club Market

Jul,03 2018

On the night of June 20th, 2018, the 8th China Hotel Awards Ceremony sponsored by the magazine LifeStyle was held in Shanghai. As the only Chinese club being selected in 2018, Shanghai Town & Country Club (STCC) won “China Hotel Awards-Best Club”, which was bound to be the best gift for the second anniversary of STCC. More importantly, the integrated membership club mode has taken its shape, marking the rise of this consumption upgrading market.


Initiated by the magazine LifeStyle, the China Hotel Awards (CHA) is one of the most famous, authoritative and influential hotel awards in Greater China. It is committed to promoting the development of hotels, resorts and club industries in Greater China and providing diversified hotel brand selections and tourism references to the large tourism consumer group in China.

In compliance with the slogan of CHA— “Trusted Choice of Excellence”, the organizing committee relied on the processing capacity of big data and selected the best club of the year according to each user’s experience and vote— “Shanghai Town & Country Club”.


The reputation among the users and the beforehand cognition make the club mode be presented to everyone. Besides the clubs in HK, Europe and America we have learned, what are the characteristics of domestic integrated clubs?

First-Tier Cities Are the Center of Flagship Clubs with Comprehensive Life Contents for Family Members

Take STCC as an example, its Shanghai flagship club is an integrated private club with 20,000 square meters of space for parent-child activities, sports, health care, leisure and recreation, business communication. 


Besides, the club also provides high-quality standards and resources interactive experience. STTC membership is only by invitation, thus ensuring exclusiveness and maintaining international standards for our members. Up to now, in addition to its own flagship body, STCC has entered into cooperation with over 80 private reciprocal clubs worldwide. STCC members can enjoy the privileges in all the reciprocal clubs when traveling home and abroad.


As China’s first high-end family club and due to its excellent contents and services, STCC has won many honors since its establishment two years ago, including the “Best Edutainment Institution”, “Best Private Club” and “Best Club of the Year”, becoming the world’s leading club brand and certified to have a brand value of 1.366 billion yuan in the evaluation target issued by the domestic authoritative brand appraisal organization.


Creation of “Home away from Home”

In order to provide more opportunities for family members to share each other’s happiness, STCC has meticulously selected and trained a professional team to design and arrange highly creative and inspiring activity courses, integrate unique sports, leisure facilities and internationally high-quality catering selections, thus making the club become the aspirational and real “Home away from Home” for all families.

The total area of the Kids Zone is more than 3,000 m2. There is a two-storey creative slide, interesting climbing facility, and a theme game area in the indoor amusement park, adjacent to an open outdoor amusement park. In the Kids Zone, you can hold exhibition activities to encourage the kids to participate in activities, organize activities, show and share achievements with their families. It may be a concert, a chef party, or an interactive art exhibition, which can leave a deep impression on all family members.

STCC also offers a year-round indoor swimming pool and outdoor music fountain. You can focus on the facilities and develop various activities for the family day, such as family swimming competition, swimming pool barbecue party, and outdoor music performance and so on. STCC is also equipped with the sports field for playing table tennis and squash, as well as two high definition golf simulators and a SNAG classroom for golf education.


To meet the members’ occasional requirements for large-scale banquet, STCC also provides the banquet hall and the special membership service team to coordinate the planning and implementation of various activities, no matter the product launch, fashion show of luxury brands, concert, variety show or the elder’s birthday banquet, the children’s wedding and large-scale family activity day, etc. STCC will try its best to create and present a perfect banquet for the guests.




Mediterranean Restaurant


Megastar Chinese Restaurant


Villa18 Restaurant

Le Café

STCC has a professional chef team dedicated to creating a diversified restaurant with characteristic brands and social platform. Moreover, the members can purchase quality red wines at the “wine cabinet” of Jiayuan. STCC also has an independent wine cellar with constant temperature and humidity, and a small number of private wine storage rooms where the membership wine collectors can safely store carefully selected wines and hold unique monthly wine promotion and tasting activities.


If you still can’t enjoy yourself to the full, STCC has newly established the audio-visual room for the members, where 25 people can enjoy the service at the same time. After enjoying the meal, you can come here and sing with your family members and friends, in the best way to relax.


Rich Summer Camp Activities


Music Afternoon Tea of Harvard University Chorus

NSO Vienna Symphony Night and Masquerade

The rise of domestic integrated clubs symbolizes the constant increase of people’s belongingness and social needs in the era of consumption upgrading. Meanwhile, on the basis of traditional hardware facilities and services, STCC also takes into account modern people’s participation experience in interests, hobbies, community organizations and spiritual needs.

If there is such an integrated club like STCC in the accessible district of your city, will you be interested in it?