Investment in New Retailing Tycoon Promotes the Business Ecosystem of “Wow City”

Jun,25 2018

    Committed to being the international good life service provider, DDI has been paying attention to the changes of the main consumer groups in the society, thus serving China’s consumption upgrading demands. In recent years, DDI has invested in a number of domestic high-quality consumer upgrading enterprises. In face of the opportunity of consumption upgrading in the supply chain and market wave of new retailing technology, DDI is decided to choosing the new retailing tycoon New Bees as an important part of the strategic layout and relies on the supply chain service system of New Bees to carry out smart upgrading of the business ecology of “Wow City”.

    New Bees is an independent fourth-party supply chain sharing service platform based on the S2B2C mode. As a supply chain service provider with a collection of “integrated smart supply chain management system, warehouse and distribution integrated operation and management” and other service capabilities, it takes the FMCG industry as the entry point and uses the warehouse management system, smart supply chain management system and other integrated systems and platforms to reduce distributor logistics costs to 3% of sales from 6% -10%, thus improving the warehouse distribution efficiency and relieving the pressure of urban traffic.

    On June 13, the new retailing tycoon New Bees held the “Smart Retail Strategy Press Conference” in Wuhu. As one of the cornerstone investors of New Bees, DDI Group was invited to attend the conference, in which New Bees officially announced its strategic layout. In the future, it aims to rely on the “B2B Platform+ warehouse management system+ B2C WeChat Mini APP store” to create its supply chain service system, thus helping with the transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises, physical distribution enterprises and logistics enterprises and promoting the green and smart construction of cities.


    Hundreds of well-known retail FMCG and Internet service companies including Tencent, Today’s News, Nanxiang Group, IWO, Huiyuan Juice, Yuancheng Logistics, Jingpin Hi-Tech, SUPERCMALL and Linklogis, as well as heads of more than ten related organizations in China including China Warehousing and Distribution Association, and dozens of media institutions including Xinhua News Agency,, New Distribution and attended the conference.

    Still in the early stage of market development, the core of new retailing is to “reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance experience”. In conformity with the current trend of new retailing, AI and IoT technologies have created the value of new retailing. Advanced technologies including AI and IoT can energize and upgrade the format structure and ecosphere of inherent retail. For traditional retail enterprises with relatively low digital degrees, at this stage, they are focusing on full-link business digitization, internal and external data access, basic IT system construction, enterprise cloud architecture planning, MIS and CRM systems construction. However, although online enterprises have inherent technical advantages in “touchdown” of offline business, it does not mean that they can bypass the construction of back-end systems. Take shopping mall operation as an example: besides goods delivering & feeding, passenger flow orientation, customer relations and other businesses are experiencing digitalization construction, property management, investment promotion and leasing, as well as other links also need smart upgrading.

    DDI hopes to rely on its investment in New Bees to introduce the leading science and technology ecological chain of New Bees into DDI’s “time-like shopping center” (under-construction) — “Wow City” in Qingpu. DDI will focus on the comprehensive front end, middle end and back end and integrate them on the front end, thus extending to full user experience and continuously upgrade consumers’ situational experience. For example, smart fitting screen, personalized recommendation and intelligent customer services can enable consumers to fully experience the convenience and fun of new technologies. On the middle-and-back end, based on the operational experience accumulated in the initial stage, DDI will comprehensively improve the digitization and intelligence of all aspects of business operations and aim at smart operation to drive the improvement of overall operation efficiency, energize the merchants within the business ecosystem of “Wow City”, reduce the cost of storage for retailers, improve the operation efficiency and service quality of stores and increase customer satisfaction, thus taking the lead in the new retailing trend and becoming the new landmark of smart retail shopping in Shanghai and even in China.

581760036512679126.jpg    DDI Wow City is a large theater-themed park commercial facility located at the roof cover of Metro Line 17 in Qingpu, Shanghai. It belongs to the commercial facility of DDI’s fifth generation urban complex— “Joy City” and boasts a building area of 150,000 square meters. It adheres to the benchmarking positioning of “Domestic Leader, Shanghai No. 1 and Qingpu Landmark”, takes “nature” as the core design concept to match natural elements such as the mountain, forest, waterfall, river and lake to different scenes within the facility, and invites IMA company which has participated in worldwide Disneyland landscape design to conduct SPD planning, thus creating a paradise-like original ecological and natural experience shopping space.