Opening Ceremony of DDI’s First Sharing Office—UNION OFFICE on June 21 in Hong Kong

Jun,22 2018

Sharing office, also known as the short rental office or maker space, has originated from the American sharing office “WeWork”. It aims to provide a place for people of different occupations or people employed by different organizations to work together, which is specially favored by freelancers.

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In January 2018, DDI Group purchased the office property located at Room 815-818, China Insurance Group Building, No.141, Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong. After referring to a large number of actual sample cases, DDI took the location, volume, quality of the building and other factors into consideration and then spent more than 2 months on design, decoration and preparation. Finally, DDI held the grand opening ceremony of its first sharing office named “UNION OFFICE” on June 21, 2018, marking the official launch of its upgraded office building leasing model.


Located at China Insurance Group Building, DDI’s first sharing office named “UNION OFFICE” boasts a floor area of 5,003 square feet and owns 13 separate service offices, 15 mobile stations, 2 meeting rooms and 2 telephone boxes, as well as a public leisure room which provides free tea, coffee and other drinks. “UNION OFFICE” provides high-quality office business requirements for small- and medium-sized financial and securities enterprises and enterprises of their related industries, law firms, accounting firms, Internet and technology enterprises, etc. Especially for some micro-enterprises, we also provide virtual office leasing business. Meanwhile, we provides comprehensive and multi-angle humanized services for the clients, thus expanding the simple office leasing business into a compound product with “a variety of hardware+humanized soft services”. In the future, we will be committed to developing more personalized services, such as business secretary services, accounting and administrative services, thus further enriching the product line of office business modules. 


When purchasing the property, DDI Hong Kong wished to improve the value of Room 815-818 at China Insurance Group Building through innovative operation and realize appreciation in asset value. After several rounds of analysis and investigation, the mode “UNION OFFICE” was adopted to raise the rent level of the property itself, thus improving the ROI of the property in a short time and finally realize appreciation in asset value.

DDI Group will explore and summarize a replicable investment mode in the indigenous property market of Hong Kong and copy this mode to Japan, California and other places, thus developing it into one of the main ways for DDI Investment and Real Estate Management to realize the profit increment. Moreover, DDI has billions of valuable stock properties in China. On the premise that “club+” is the core competitiveness, the injection of shared management concepts into the office leasing business module is bound to help with the Group strategy of realizing the upgrading of international good life service provider.

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