DDI• Royal Lake 76 | Rare Elegant Lakeside Residence in Northern Suzhou

May,24 2018

Ecological Caohu Lake originates from Taihu Lake and flows into the Yangtze River;

The north-south crisscrossing road network will continue to be upgraded;

The 76-seat urban villa is very lacking and rare;

The gorgeous and elegant mansion will provide you with pleasant private space. 


 Northern Suzhou| Enjoy Elegance in Prosperous Regions

   In the populous society where time is as precious as gold, people are always very busy— mentally and physically exhausted.

   At this time, we wish very much to slow down and enjoy a kind of artistic and poetic “elegant life”.

  “On a summer evening, we usually prepare the bamboo chairs and tables well after dinner and then cut the watermelon soaking in the well water; the night breeze rolls up the grape leaves and brings coolness and ease; the father has planted Chinese toon in the yard and in early spring, the mother would pick the tender leaves to cook the toon with fried egg, which is really delicious.”

   Flowers bloom in spring; cicadas sing in summer; leaves fall down in autumn and plum blossoms come in winter. In such prosperous region, you deserve to own such a fairyland— DDI• Royal Lake 76, which fascinates you to enjoy a wonderful life.


Royal Caohu Lake | Reappear the Idyllic Elegance

  People love the lake, love the flourishing woods and tall bamboo bushes surrounding her, love the land of idyllic beauty, love its naturalness differing from the seclusion and more love her unique elegant and pleasant life impression.

    Since ancient times, Suzhou has been famous for “Heaven on Earth and Oriental Watertown”, which is preferred and favored by many writers, poets as well as gifted scholars and pretty ladies.

    Located in Xiangcheng District, Caohu Lake relies on the natural landscape and ingenious humanistic architecture to create its unique cultural style and poetic charm. 


    In Caohu Lake, there is a “Crescent Island”; an embankment connects the north and south of Caohu Lake; these three islands look like floating jades, just as the dreamy Jiangnan Watertown.

    The setting sun dyes the water into red; the rainbow and the waves skim over the water, just as the scenery described in ancient poems. All these scenes come out in Caohu Lake.

  DDI• Royal Lake 76, located beside the ethereal Caohu Lake covering an area of more than one hundred square meters, will adhere to the spirit of customization and lead the ideal of a hierarchy, thus showing the unique charm of the millennium Caohu Lake with unprecedented scales.


Lakeside Villa | Chinese-style Elegant Life

    Since the ancient time, most celebrities and literatus prefer the elegant lakeside residence.

    The water is flowing beneath the bridge with the background music of traditional Chinese Sizhu; you can listen to the Kun Opera in front of the pavilion and enjoy a Taihu Lake trip with your friends; you can drink tea and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    The environment is so quiet and pleasant that we have to cherish our life. And we believe that the owner of such elegant life must be an elegant and kind-hearted person whose heart is as clean as the orchid. This is a kind of fragrance resulting from years of life experience, the so-called Chinese-style elegant life.


    We should smile and enjoy the sunshine; we should learn to show respect and listen to others; we should enjoy the pleasant time and experience the graceful life in a quiet and fragrant environment. Choose our fairyland where there exists blue sky, clear water, favorable environment and beautiful landscape, you will enjoy elegance throughout your lifetime.


Beside Caohu Lake, about 190㎡+

Urban Ecological Villa, Hot-selling Completed Apartment

Tel: 6778 8888

Location: Caohu Lake Bay at the junction of North Guangji Road and Fengbeidang Road