The Grand Opening Ceremony for DDI Mansion Exhibition Center & Model House

May,03 2018

    It never rains but it pours. On May 1st, 2018, the grand opening ceremony for DDI Mansion Exhibition Center & Model House was held, which was an amazing debut for DDI in Hangzhou. More than ten mainstream media in Hangzhou and hundreds of guests witnessed this important moment together.



    The ceremonial staff dressed up and waited at the entrance of the exhibition center very early in order to greet our guests and clients. Walking along the red carpet with flowers decorated at both sides, the clients first signed in and then enjoyed the tea break themed by bullet train. Every single detail could incarnate our thoughtful arrangements.


    Before the ceremony began, the exhibition center had been filled with people, which well proved that DDI Mansion was very popular and was highly recognized by Hangzhou citizens.


    At 9:28 a.m., the opening ceremony began with wonderful dance performance. Then, the host made an opening speech and invited the GM of DDI Marketing Management Division ZHU Yan and the GM of DDI Zhejiang Company SAN Zhiqiang to make a speech respectively on the stage. For the debut of DDI in Hangzhou, we’ve not only devoted ourselves to our unremitting pursuit of “dreaming the life and living the dream”, but also expressed our good wishes and expectations for DDI’s further development in Hangzhou. We will return your favor and support with high-quality products and services.



Later, with our clients, special guests and the media jointly as the witness, the ribbon-cutting ceremony for DDI Mansion came to a successful conclusion. We will adhere to the best originality and live up to your expectation.


    After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, our media guests and potential clients visited the exhibition center and model house. The hardbound model house started with aesthetic needs to create the dual-key house type with two-story independent residence and investment advantage of flexible sublease, which was deeply favored by Hangzhou investors.


    The whole ceremony was held in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere, where there was euphonious jazz band performance and wonderful bartender magic show. With the strong support from the Group leaders and by the meticulous preparation of the staff, the opening ceremony for DDI Mansion Exhibition Center& Model House was a complete success.

    DDI Mansion is the debut for DDI in Hangzhou during its 29 years of development history. Every single detail can incarnate DDI’s innovation, including the project location at Hangzhou City cores, the dual-key house type and the ingenious hardbound room. For our debut in Hangzhou, the “innovative dual-key” product of DDI Mansion has been deeply favored, which has not only enhanced the public praise for our brand in Hangzhou, but also laid a solid foundation for our further development in Hangzhou. DDI will adhere to the good wishes and expectations for “dreaming the life and living the dream” and seek further development in Hangzhou with high-quality products and services.