DDI Joy City— Your Expected Shanghai Great Hongqiao Platform for Living, Socializing and Dwelling

May,02 2018

    We always have expectations about the future and life. Perhaps you expect more balance between future work and life;  maybe you expect to spend less time on traffic and more time enjoying life; perhaps you expect a shopping mall nearby your home; and maybe you expect several quality schools within a kilometer of your home so that your children can enjoy high-quality education nearby. In Qingpu New City in the west of Great Hongqiao, Shanghai, a modern city will be opened in 2019, thus providing a new platform for living, socializing and dwelling.


The Effect Picture of DDI Joy City

    As a middle-class life service provider, DDI has built an innovative complex in western Shanghai— DDI Joy City, with an area of about 450,000 square meters and a collection of spacious residence, theme stores, shopping malls, robot hotels, pension services, office buildings, high-end clubs and other types of business. The project is located at Dianshanhu Avenue Station of Metro Line 17, Qingpu New City. DDI Joy City will come with a theater-type theme park shopping mall “WOW City” with a total building area of 150,000 square meters. The whole commercial complex will be successively completed during spring to autumn in 2019.

DDI Joy City Will Start Your International Life on the Metro

    As the Metro Line 17 was opened to traffic in December 2017, Qingpu New City has become “the node city among the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomerations”, which carries on the portal for the westwards development of economy in Shanghai and at the same time enjoys the transportation radiation of Great Hongqiao, accessible to Great Hongqiao within about 32 minutes so as to easily transfer Metro Line 2 and Line 10 and quickly shorten the distance with the large districts of Shanghai. At Dianshanhu Avenue Station of Metro Line 17, there gather several high-and-mid-end real estates, two large commercial complex, High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Qingpu Campus, Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School, Qingpu Campus (under planning) and other quality education resources, where a metropolitan life circle leading the quality life is emerging. Among them, DDI Joy City, owning a large supporting commercial complex “WOW City”, stands out among many real estates.

    The residential product of DDI Joy City consists of four buildings, thus forming the independent residential community which is quiet inside but prosperous outside. The special connective corridor design provides better ventilation and lighting for the middle residence. In accordance with our  “high-comfort” principle, the designed floor area is about 87-126㎡ with the house type of two rooms or three rooms.


The Realistic Residential Picture of DDI Joy City

    Meanwhile, the high-end supporting facilities only for luxury residence including Qingpu Town & Country SPA Club have been equipped to provide an inclusive and luxurious home away from home for the owners, which will become a quality platform for them to entertain friends, relatives and business partners. All people, including children, husbands, wives and the old, can have a good time and enjoy distinguished services here. All the owners will directly be the VIPs of the club and enjoy quality life here.

A Dream City Will Open 24-Hour Colorful Life

    As DDI’s first large flagship complex project, DDI Joy City is a collection of excellent residential, living, socializing and shopping platforms. Among them, the commercial product “WOW City” belongs to the commercial facility in the fifth generation urban complex developed by DDI Group.

    This is a novel “theater-type theme park” with two stages and seven theme landscape inside, where different performances, interactive activities or fans meetings, small concerts and interactive games will be staged in all the 365 days of a year, thus bringing you very different experiences.



The Effect Picture of DDI Joy City

    Additionally, we have specially invited IMA, which has participated in the landscape design of Disneyland all over the world, to conduct the planning and design for the special landscape in “WOW City”, endowing each landscape with emotion, creating beautiful streets with unique characteristics, connecting all-weather indoor business street with seasonal changing outdoor business street, integrating a large number of outdoor decorations and plants into the design of stores and attaching more importance to consumers’ leisure experience. The open-air SPA experience, combined club, direct selling of agricultural products and different performances and interactions each day will provide the consumers with various surprising and brand new ways of shopping and leisure.


图片6.pngThe Effect Picture of DDI Joy City

    At present, by virtue of its natural advantages and strategic business foresights, DDI Joy City has attracted a lot of “fans”, including the signed-up commercial tenants GOKURAKUYU, HIS Robot Hotel, QTCC, G-super and SFC Shanghai Cinema, etc.  


The Effect Picture of DDI Joy City

 “DDI Joy City” is a brand new platform for living, socializing, dwelling and recreation.

About the Developer】

    Headquartered in Shanghai for 27 years, DDI Group involves lots of industries including the development and operation of real estates, international investment & development, club development, big financial industry and so on. It has fully-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Huzhou, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Chengdu, Hong Kong, the U.S., Canada, Japan and other countries and regions.