Running for Health and Confidence, Sponsored by DDI Xiyue

Apr,27 2018

    At 8:00 a.m. of April 22, the annual “Jiulong Lake (Ningbo) International Half Marathon 2018” and “Health Run for Commemorating the 100th Birthday of Mr. BAO Yugang” kicked off at a gunshot. The Event was sponsored by DDI Xiyue Real Estate Project (“DDI Xiyue”). The spirit of never giving up and keeping moving ahead long advocated by Marathon coincides with the concept of “creating an ideal human living environment” upheld by DDI. This is also what DDI Xiyue seeks to deliver from the moment it was established.

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   “Jiulong Lake (Ningbo) International Half Marathon” was launched in 2015. It is an event jointly held by the Chinese Athletic Association, Ningbo Zhenhai District People’s Government and Ningbo Municipal Sports Bureau. It has been the largest international sports event attracting the most participants in Zhenhai District. After being organized for four years consecutively, this Half Marathon has become a carrier of  city image, city spirit and city influence of Zhenhai. Apart from being a grand gathering for road running enthusiasts, it also has become a local popular festival.

    With the theme of “Health, Charity and Environmental Protection”, this Marathon and the Health Run was divided into the half-marathon (21.0975 km), short-distance marathon (11.7 km) and mini-marathon (3.7 km). In total 155 foreign contestants from 25 countries, including Kenya, Tanzania and Australia, signed up for this event.  

    At around 6:00 in the morning, runners gradually gathered at the Zhenhai District Citizens’ Square. Various running groups were ready to enjoy the running process and achieve the personal best. SUN Yingjie, the world champion, was invited as a special guest for this event. He appeared on the platform, interacting with other runners. This turned out to be a great surprise onsite.

    What was more surprising to the runners was that Mr. BAO Wenjun, grandson of Mr. BAO Yugang, a global shipping magnate, also appeared on the Opening Ceremony. It was reported that Zhenhai is the hometown of Mr. BAO Yugang. In order to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Mr. BAO Yugang’ birth, the Organizing Committee customized a special souvenir medal for runners. On the front of the souvenir medal bears the life-like sculpture head portrait of Mr. BAO Yugang, which shows the fellow countrymen’s missing for him. The sea behind the head portrait symbolizes the journey of the world shipping magnet to conquer the sea.

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    At 8:00 a.m., SUN Yingjie led more than 10,000 running enthusiasts to start from the starting line at a gunshot. While running on the beautiful street of Zhenhai, runners could not only enjoy the scenery of the “most beautiful track”, but also compete with each other with their faith and perseverance.

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A grand event of Zhenhai: Measuring the beauty of “Jiulong Lake (Ningbo) International Half-Marathon” with feet

    Every city has its unique history and culture. After baptism of time, the history and culture will become the soul of a city. The marathon route design is undoubtedly one of the most charming scenery in a city.

    The Jiulong Lake Scenic Area is located within the Jiulong Lake Town in the northwest of Zhenhai District. Known as one of the “Top 10 New Scenery in Ningbo”, it is made up of four lakes, including the Jiulong Lake, Fenghuang Lake, Yueliang Lake and Tian’e Lake. The water area spans for 2 square kilometers. The scenic area boasts picturesque scenery and row after row of green mountains erect along the lakes. The lake water reflects the green mountains like a mirror. The glistening light of waves is melted with the blue skies and the green trees and bamboos reinforce each other. Earlier in 2016, the Chinese Athletic Association rated the Marathon held along the Jiulong Lake Scenic Area as the “Characteristic Marathon on the Most Beautiful Track”.

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   2018 marks the fourth year of this Marathon. This year, around 10,000 contestants were attracted by this Event, of which 5,000 signed up for the half-marathon (21.0975 km), 2,000 for the short-distance marathon (11.7 km), and 3,000 for the mini-marathon (3.7 km). It is apt to say that, after four years of development, “Jiulong Lake (Ningbo) International Half-Marathon” has not only been the most anticipated event of running enthusiasts, but also functioned to develop the city spirit with the marathon spirit, i.e., to learn the history, culture and charm of this city by measuring it by feet.

    Running for health and confidence, Sponsored by DDI Xiyue

    Life is like a marathon. Only when you keep on moving ahead can you live a fantastic life. The DDI Xiyue Real Estate Project was one sponsor of the “Jiulong Lake (Ningbo) International Half-Marathon 2018”. Versed in the philosophy of life, an Asian villa-type community with the area of 150,000 square meters is built. Dream House with Wide Landscape and Loft Villa are two main works of DDI Xiyue, aiming to create a better residential environment for people in Zhenhai.

Located on the central axis of the city, witnessing every splendid moment of the city

    DDI Xiyue is located on the central axis of the city. Adjacent to the Zhenhai District Government, it has two rivers surrounding it. The nearby public facilities are complete, including Xincheng Wuyue Square, Auchan Supermarket, Poly Cinemas, Xincheng Comprehensive Market, and Ningbo No. 7 Hospital. Meanwhile, there are many schools nearby, including Shangzhi Middle School, Kente Middle School, Zhenhai Xincheng Experimental School (under planning), etc. The accessibility of all necessary facilities for food, clothing, transportation and residence allows residents here to fully enjoy the splendid metropolitan life.

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With both excellent outlook and quality, defining the new future of Zhenhai residence

    DDI Xiyue fully considers residential comfort. For exterior, a garden for all age groups is ingenuously created and equipped with the functional areas, including the landscape living room, outdoor fitness ground, and children’s recreational area. For interior, the “Dream House with Wide Landscape” with the floor area of 126-136 m2 is of innovative room design; there are two elevators for the two households living on the same floor; the spacious living room is connected with the landscape balcony, which favorably improves the vastness of the space; besides, there is a 7.3m multifunctional balcony, which can create more possibilities for elegant life. As to the “Loft Villa” with the floor area of 160-180 m2, there are two floors for one household, and the private elevator is skillfully introduced within the household so as to create convenient access to the house; the suite design of the entire house provides a private space for every family member; and the garden courtyard enables residents to get close to the nature. (Project location: Southern Side of the Junction of Yongping West Road and Jinhua Southern Road, Zhenhai District.)

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DDI Xiyue applauds for Zhenhai as a leader of Zhenhai’s residential quality.