DDI real estate was founded in 1989 and started with business focusing on property development for the young generation so as to help realize their dreams of self elevation by improving living conditions. Targeted at the young at different stages, to meet their individual demands, DDI developed a series of international youth communities such as The Youth City , LISHE, Shanghai Classic Blue and White Community . With the growth of China economy development, DDI evolved its focus to the needs of each rising family , fundamental of the society , and transformed with innovative reform from the home builder for the youth to a leading international life service provider.

So far DDI has formed a real estate development and operation in the theme of residential real estate, commercial real estate, industrial real estate through nearly thirty years of development. Our developed projects include DDI Joy City, DDI STCC International Plaza, DDI Ginza, DDI International Youth CIty and Dongdu Blue and White Mansion and etc. DDI is accelerating a transformation to urban lifestyle server from Shanghai by jointing the the whole Yangtze River Delta and expanding nationwide based on Yangtze River Economy Zone equipped with property development and operation management.

DDI real estate was awarded as Top 100 Chinese real estate developer and top 10 fast growing enterprise in real estate development. DDI real estate has consevutively won the honor of Top 50 Shanghai real estate developer since 2010 ; In 2017,DDI Joy City won honors of Excellent Architecture in Shanghai, APDC Elite Design Awards, New business landmark in China.

Product Development System: House and Apartment (House and Apartment/ Apartment Product/ Products for the senior)

Boyue: French Style,Target customer:Customers with demand on upgrading residence.

Xiyue: New Asian Style, Target Customer:Old urban area customers, suburban new immigrants.S

Mingyue: Neoclassical Style, Target Customer:First time buyer with strong demand.

Product Operating System: Urban complex, Commercial complex centered on integrated clubs. Commercial complex centered on customization and experience business.( WOW City & Theme Town )

DDI group’s “Club+” strategy is to lead the strategic transformation and reform the business layout based on the need of urban life service .Club Management Ltd. with various clubs including community club, hot spring club, senior club, internet club and robot club is committed to becoming a global leading club service provider for the new rising member from community club, hot spring spa, family recreation, AI hotel to comfortable senior homes .


Shanghai Town & Country Club-International Family Club,Core Concept: The Home away from Home

Shanghai Town & Country Club is the flagship integrated club. As the first international high-end private family club in China, it has 20000 sq ms of space for sports, health care, family recreation and leisure . Our goal is to bring happy memories to all family members through a unique exquisite approach.

Shanghai Town & Country Club has become an integral part of every member's family life and a catalyst for family harmony and happiness. Children - enable to enjoy their childhood, build friendship and grow up with joyful memories, ensure their next generation to enjoy the same experience.

Parents - make time from their hectic schedules to enjoy the relaxing and precious time with their children, to create unforgettable and beautiful moments with their beloved family members.

Grandparents - will watch their grandchildren happily grow up with satisfaction and pride

The quality life style provided at Shanghai Town &Country Club will reinforce the importance of family, a solid foundation of family heritage .

Membership is only by invitation. Ensure exclusiveness and maintain international standards for our Members. It requires either a recommendation from BOA or introduction from another Member of the club to become a candidate of STCC.

So far STCC has established reciprocity with over 72private clubs worldwide. STCC Members can enjoy the privileges in all the reciprocal clubs when travel home and abroad .


REGENCY CLUB MANAGEMENT-Professional in Club Development and Management

RCM provides full high quality community club operation and management services and delivers effective world-class hospitality solutions in development, management and marketing for the premier residential clubs. We are dedicated to promote the club management concept of serving Members with high international standards to exceed expectations as well as to seek co-operations within great china and build a good reputation of a national well-known club management brand.

Regency Club Management is a pioneer in developing residential club's culture and lifestyle in China. Our goal is to enhance prestige and values of the residential club.

RCM International Standard:RCM builds boutique community clubs in accordance with international standards and is committed to developing and managing high-end community clubs in the principle of innovation.

Member- Oriented Efficient Management:RCM manage to achieve the club's operational goals by firmly believing in meeting Member's expectations and adopting effective club management system. High Members' satisfaction and club usage bring good operational results .

Reciprocal Clubs Privilege:Members of RCM can enjoy privileges of all the affiliated clubs worldwide . The reciprocity between two clubs can not only generate more revenue but also increase its international reputation and status.

Regency Club is a symbol of prestigious and high-class lifestyle. The elements of Club culture from family , health, education, happiness and networking creates a better club environment as well as a better quality of life that meets the lifestyle needs of the new middle-class. As a pioneer of high-end international family club in China, RCM integrates the international lifestyle and parenting into the operation principle to build a luxurious brand of “Home Away from Home”


Mu House-Hot Spring Culture & New Space for International Exquisite Lifestyle

Mu House is a perfect interpretation of modern hot spring embedded in a new high-fashion space, symbolizing simple, refreshing and natural bathing culture of hot springs. The space design is family-centered and combined with style and warmth to provide the relaxing comfortable life experience as the essence of “Home away from Home”. The concept of pursuing ideal and exquisite life is felt through its Intensive and fashionable tourism elements from classic book bar, fitness center to SPA health.

Product Positioning: Hot spring bathing culture as the theme. The Best hot spring meeting place for family and young generation.

Client Positioning:Aged 20-30 high-fashion people;Aged 30-45 home customer

Image Positioning:Simple、Comfortable、Humanized、Refreshing、Fashionable ang Modern Chinese Style

Brand Planning:80% Urban Hotspring ,20% Vacation Hotspring


ROBOTEL-First Robot Hotel in China,AI + Future Hotel

A self-service hotel for new generations which is operated through AI technological solutions.

Robotel is fully equipped with restaurants , health center and entertainment center , part of which will be run by robots to provide customers with a new experience of services via technology solutions.

Business Model:Corporation · Win-win · Integration · Open

Partner:Technical ability access support;Resource Interchange;Brand / Strategy / Marketing multi-channel exploit

Investment Attraction:Establish Top 1 Brand Chinese AI + Future Hotel,Provide total solution

Function:AI Voice Interaction;Internet of Things Smart Home;Face Recognition Check- in Management;Hotel Management System Integration

Overseas business section focuses on diversified investments such as real estate, finance, clubs and others. The core business regions include North America, Canada, Japan, and Hong Kong. International Investment Division actively promote the issuance of overseas real estate funds besides engagement in real estate development and corporate mergers and acquisitions,as well as in overseas banking, insurance, securities and other financial industries; It is in our deep interest to explore emerging businesses globally,including developing overseas reciprocal clubs for STCC, merging and acquiring Senior Homes or Club Management companies, AI -based Hotels, Hot spring hotel and etc.


In 2017, Dongdu HK purchased the 8th floor of China Insurance Building in Central as the starting point for Hong Kong's business development.

1.Establish and build an unique overseas sales platform , utilize technology to open the connection between home and abroad sales and investment channels.

2.As an important overseas finance platform, it issues overseas real estate funds and participates in various types of financial investment (insurance, banking, asset management, securities )based on the needs of expanding funding channels;

3.It is planed to deeply explore the real estate market in Southeast Asia by taking advantage of Hong Kong's geographical location as well as the Belt and Road strategic route to Southeast Asia.

4.With Hong Kong's Central as the investment core, it will invest in commercial properties like Grade A office buildings and Shops in prime location with stable cash flow with great value increasing potential.


DDI Group officially announced the incorporation of DDI Japan in December 2016.

As a new player entered Japanese market, after in-depth industry analysis and research, DDI selected Vortex as its first local strategic partner. meanwhile, DDI also established cooperative relationships with Mizuho Bank of Japan and SMBC Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (the first and second largest bank in Japan) during the spell of development. In 2017, DDI Japan co-acquired the Ebisu, Heiwamachi and Ginza Vortex -DDI projects in Tokyo with an innovative model and achieved a substantial investment return. As DDI has acquired the previlige of displaying company logo at Tokyo Ginza Building, the 7th floor will be used as the DDI Japan headquarter.

Investment model:DDI Japan will cooperate with local prominent companies to complete more investments with an innovative SPC model around Tokyo metropolitan core investment zone, and continue to explore and enter the Japanese residential real estate market, invest in high-rent-to-rent residential projects, and acquire office buildings or logistics and warehousing and other commercial property projects with high returns in short-term with value-added potential after renovation . We aim to research and develope cutting- edge mobile applications for Japanese real estate investment and online transaction platform to facilitate transaction and investment service for domestic and foreign investors in Japan's real estate and form a great competitive advantage.


DDI North America invests centered in south California, expands market to major cities with high growth potential using REIT and equity participation and acquisitions of listed companies. For businesses which are in relation to Club Operation and Real Estate, residential property development and renewal of commercial properties will either be developed by DDI itself or by qualified partners, the goal of which goal is to achieve continuous and high growth .


Since 2013, DDI has acquired nine properties in Nova Scotia and one property management company. DDI also signed a memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) and Greater Halifax Partnership (GHP) formalizing intentions to carry out a multi-phase plan of investment and development in Halifax and other areas of Nova Scotia in the following years. The land reserved in Halifax reaches 6500 acres with prospect development under the “The Belt and The Road” initiative .

The financial section focuses on fund business, and actively explore various types of innovative financial services to gradually form a diversified business structure. The expansion of real estate funds is an important breakthrough in the development of business scale, with investment in real estate, high-end service industries, cultural undertakings and etc. With a goal of creating management assets over 10 billion yuan, the financial section will also perform as a good coordinator among all business segments of DDI Group to provide strong supports for the transformation and upgrading of the Group's industries and integration of industry and finance.

Funds Management:

Shanghai DT Capitals(Equity Investment Fund):LP,2 Billion RMB

Investing fields:Consumption upgrading,Internet business, health care, energy saving and environmental protection, high-end manufacturing, etc.

Jiangxi Sesame Culture Industry(Equity Investment Fund):CO-GP,2 Billion RMB

Investing Fileds:Culture Industry

Sesame Dongdu Leisure Service Industry(Equity Investment Fund):CO-GP,280 million RMB

Investment fields: Medical and Health, Leisure, Pension and other industrial projects

Loyal Valley Capital Flagship Funds:LP,4.7 Billion RMB

Investment fields: Medical and Health, Internet, Education, self-media, Finance and other industrial projects

Funds in US dollars by Loyal Valley Capital:LP,350 million USD

Investing fields: equity investment in high-quality companies listed in US like Bilibili

US Dollar fund by Hengying Fund:LP,50 million USD

Investing fields: high-tech, consumption upgrading, medical care, Construction Bank of China, Education and etc.