The founding years of DDI coincides with the rapid development of China’s economy and the transformation of China’s real estate industry to the marketization mode. As a pioneer in “Housing for the Young Executives” and through its relentless effort in research and exploration, DDI has over the years become a leader in this specialized segment of China’s real estate market.

Five Major Product Series

Backed by over two decades of experience, DDI has become the undisputed leader in China’s housing culture for the young generation and won numerous accreditation. Among the projects undertaken by DDI, Shanghai Dongdu Celebrity Building, Shanghai City Young Executives Series, Changzhou City Young Executives Series and Nanjing International Youth City have all won the highest honor of the year in their respective categories.

Shanghai Jiating Center is where family memories are made, through a new kind of club experience for the whole family. It offers a unique array of features with a common focus on providing those special moments for you to cherish with your loved ones, moments that will provide memories for a lifetime.

Membership at STCC is by invitation only. New membership applications require a referral by a member of the Board of Advisors or an existing member of the Community and the application should be approved by the Board of Advisors and membership committee, which allows STCC to build a compatible community while maintaining exclusivity.

The Founding Board of Advisors consists of established industry leaders including Professor Liu Ji, Professor Chen Qun, Mr Feng Lun, Mr Kim Jin-Goon and Mr Wang Bin who are dedicated to acting as a members’ advisory committee between the members and the management team of STCC, as well as a screening committee for prospective members from member referrals. With the privilege of introducing intimate friends and business associates to become the first group of prospective members of STCC, the initial advisors are also entitled to set the tone of the membership in terms of interests and values.

Detroit - City under economic recovery

Detroit is similar to Shanghai in that it has many classical and iconic buildings. DDI through its successful history has had great experience in bringing these types of buildings back to life and so the company is bringing and using its China experience to the fore in Detroit.

The Free Press Building is one of the most well know buildings as it was the home of the city’s key newspaper for so long. DDI are aiming to keep the heritage of the building while developing it into smaller residences aimed at the Younger Executives to support the growing downtown need. The focus into the Younger Executives is again one of the success stories of the company.

Additionally the company owns the David Stott and the Clark Lofts buildings in central Detroit. DDI is using its expertise to explore the different possibilities for these buildings, after it has successfully completed the rejuvenation of the Free Press Building.

DDI hopes by leveraging its expertise and efforts, as well as working with the local community to make a significant part in the revival of Detroit.

Nova Scotia - Tomorrow’s Reality in Nova Scotia

Dongdu International Group (DDI), a Shanghai-based international real estate, high technology and lifestyle oriented company, DDI has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) and Greater Halifax Partnership (GHP) formalizing intentions to carry out a multi-phased plan of investment and development in Halifax and other areas of Nova Scotia.

In 2013, DDI acquired and is refurbishing the historic Pacific Building on Barrington Street in Halifax, and is planning additional developments in Nova Scotia. To date, DDI has acquired nine properties in Nova Scotia and one property management company.

DDI intends to build a strong partnership with Nova Scotia governments, universities and business communities, which will provide opportunities for new jobs, develop new trading relationships, attract tourists, and build new businesses all with mutually beneficial outcomes.

DDI’s longer-term vision in Nova Scotia will include private-sector investment in resort developments, establishment of a high-tech cluster, promotion of tourism in China, and further development of a film and movie industry.